First, a caveat: community forums are living, organic beings, in that their natures change over time depending on the behavior and attitudes of the users who frequent them. As such, the rules for the Topless Topics forum may subtly change over time.

However, the core rule will always remain: “Treat others the way you wish to be treated.”

This means:

-no personal attacks/insults (including namecalling)

-no sharing of someone else’s personal information (I don’t recommend sharing your own either, you never know who might be reading)

-no harassment or objectifying of other users, including unwanted sexual requests (“hay cleo wil u show pusy” is an instant ban.)

-no sharing of anything illegal in the United States where this website is hosted, such as links to warez/torrents/etc, or anything like pedophilic material/animal abuse/etc. Even discussing such subjects is risky at best, and should be avoided.

-just treat each other civilly, don’t be rude, don’t be a troll, and we’ll all get along great!

As far as actual subjects that are allowed to be discussed, please try to use your best judgment on if it’s something you should be discussing on a web forum that others can access. I’m not going to say subjects related to sex can’t be discussed PERIOD, but don’t let that be the sole focus of your time on this forum, and also note that “discussing sex” does not mean, again, “asking Cleo to do sexual things on camera.” I have a very low tolerance for this as I have to deal with it constantly, and it IS a bannable offense.

Keep your topics forum-appropriate: read the descriptions for each sub-forum, and if you’re not sure where to post your topic, post it to “Off-Topic” and mods will move it to the appropriate forum if need be.

I don’t want users to be so hesitant of breaking the rules that you’re afraid to post anything, but I also don’t want this forum to devolve into a cesspool of sexual harassment and insults like most popular social media sites do, so let’s try to be kind and considerate and use this forum to make friends and allies and talk about the things we’re passionate about, not to incite flame wars and deliberately piss people off! Sound cool? Great, see you inside. 🙂