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    Hello Toppers! As I’ve mentioned numerous times in videos already, I really want to start organizing follower input into “community projects,” where we introduce a specific question or topic and community members submit their take on it, which I can then cut into a single video (and include links to the full videos, for those who want to watch each answer completely!)

    Well, it’s a new year, and I really want to get started doing that!

    The first topic I was inspired awhile ago to try to cover is “Polyamory vs. Swingers,” specifically what I understand the differences to be between the two and to share some stories relating to either/both. I promise the video will be non-judgmental against any lifestyle persuasion–I will be addressing specific concerns that have been pointed out by others, but not shaming any individuals or naming any names for embarrassing or rude behavior!

    And as for those of you reading this now, I would be so honored and inspired if you would share your own stories and opinions on Polyamory vs. Swinging for me to share in this video.

    Recording your own video is always best–I’ll be putting together a guide soon to help you get started, but you can always reply here or email toplesstopicstv@gmail.com if you have questions for setup or how to get started and I’ll do my best to guide you. But if you lack the equipment or comfort to record yourself in a video, then I’ll also be happy to record myself reading written statements aloud, where you can be as anonymous as you wish. Just please try to limit your answers to a paragraph or two, so my video isn’t 2 hours long :p

    You can submit those statements here as replies, or email them to toplesstopicstv@gmail.com, and please change names/locations/etc as you feel the need to protect identities (or don’t, it’s up to you). I’d like to get this video filmed, edited and uploaded by the end of January, so the sooner you can submit your video or written statement, the more likely I’ll have time to include it!

    If you DO have a video to submit, the best way to do it is probably to upload it “unlisted” on Youtube then email me the link, or we can work out a dropbox share if that’s easier (but I only have the free account so there are size limitations to worry about). Thanks and I’m really looking forward to putting our first community project together!

    (And if you already submitted a written statement for Polyamory vs Swinging to my email, I will be compiling the ones I can find together soon, but feel free to email it again just in case I miss it! toplesstopicstv@gmail.com !)

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