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    Hi Cleo. Happy New Year! I enjoyed the rant, and hope your “friend” didn’t spoil the break for you.

    The first thing I’d like to say is I absolutely get it that abuse is predominantly an issue woman are subjected to by men but I really appreciate that you acknowledged that women can be responsible for abuse too, all abuse is unacceptable. I’ve taken some interest in the feminist agenda and honestly I’m sympathetic with the issues but I struggle with, what I feel often comes across as, women are all good and men are all bad. I think the underlying issues have a lot to do with where the balance of power lies in any situation. Perhaps we can agree men’s breasts are the same as women’s breasts and men’s brains are the same as women’s brains. Please don’t think for one moment that I disagree with your statement that the great majority of abuse is perpetuated by men on women.

    If there’s any interest however I can share a “me too” story and a couple of other examples.

    Second thought is that we have managed to make a situation where friendship becomes a somewhat distorted concept with fame and social media. I can somehow come to think of you as a friend (perhaps even more so if I engage in an email that is essentially private), as you say I know quite a lot about you. To you I’m at most a casual acquaintance. There’s a perverse distortion in the way friendship works with modern technology. Would this be an interesting subject to explore?

    And a final note I’ve kind of come to realise for the most part now I listen to your videos now more than watch them, is that a result for you? 🙂

    Even if I’m outspoken, clumsy and make some mistakes I do try to behave in a reasonable and respectful way and I promise I won’t turn into a monster if anyone disagrees with me or points out I’ve gone wrong.

    And finally finally although I’ve written this as directly to Cleo it’s only as it was easier to use that format for what I wanted to say. All comments are welcome

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