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      Hi everyone, welcome to the Advice Corner!

      To kick things off, I recently received this anonymous ask, which is a similar question I hear often so I thought I would share it here. The original post is visible here: http://toplesstopics.tumblr.com/post/168898407700/how-do-i-a-man-support-womens-rights-for

      And here’s the text of it, so you don’t need to visit the link-

      Anonymous asked:

      How do I, a man, support women’s rights for toplessness without being viewed as a pervert?

      My answer:

      “I hear this a lot, and honestly the best advice I can think to give is try not to let others’ opinions about what you do influence how you fight for what you believe in. Regardless of what or how you fight for something, there will be plenty of others belittling and detracting from what you’re trying to do. If I had stopped making my videos at the first “wotta attenshun hore” slur, I would never have made the first video :p

      However, I understand that learning to ignore the rude comments of others, especially people you personally know, takes courage and practice, and not everyone is ready for that step. I would say in such cases that you can start out doing stuff anonymously. Stuff like, post a topless picture but blur your face out, and include a lengthy caption on what topless equality means to you and why you support it. Or start regularly using the community forum at toplesstopics.org as I want to start doing “community videos” where I put out a question, people submit their video or written answers, then I combine them all into a video at the end of the week (or month…however long it takes to get enough answers!) You could submit a written post to that as a great way to get started!

      Of course the simplest way to help #freethenipple if you’re not ready to attach your identity to such a movement is to simply amplify the voices of others who are. Please, share/reblog/retweet/etc every post you believe adds to the conversation, and add your own bit in when you do about why/how you agree/disagree with whatever is being said. The more people talk about this, the more others will take notice and hopefully “join the conversation” as well, the closer we get to reaching enough people that we finally have the numbers we need to make solid changes start happening in social media rules and real-life legislation!

      Thank you so much for asking, and I hope you feel galvanized to start fighting for #freethenipple in whatever way you feel comfortable doing!!”

      What do you think? Do you have any more advice to give? Or want to share your own experiences for how you’ve been treated after showing your support for topless equality? Let me know!

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