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      I was dead, but I got better!

      (Just a little Monty Python humor for you…)

      Hello everyone, in case you noticed, I decided I couldn’t swear off making new Topless Topics content entirely so I came back, but with some changes on how I’m going to update so I hopefully don’t get as stressed out again. 🙂 (More on that here: https://www.toplesstopics.org/topless-topics-returns-things-will-different/ )

      Anyhow, I return with renewed vigor and determination to keep making this website and Topless Topics in general ever closer to the big wonderful topfree equality community I’m hoping for, and I hope whoever is reading this will go along with me! My primary funding goal right now is to hire a trusted and quickly-working web designer to help me make this website be a lot slicker and user-friendly, so expect an overhaul sometime in the near future! We’ll also most likely be moving the forum to a different server that doesn’t require me to manually add everyone to WordPress to use it, so if you make any posts that you’re really proud of, I’ll do what I can to migrate existing info over to the new server when it happens. Otherwise, I have also set up a new Topless Topics Mailing List, so you can have an easy way of knowing about any new videos, major changes, etc. without having to log into here to check it. If you want to join the mailing list, simply email toplesstopicsmailinglist@gmail.com with the subject “Sign me up!”

      Anyway, I have a screaming toddler I need to put to bed and a screaming newborn demanding boob juice, so I’ll have to come back later XD Bye for now!

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