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    Hey Toppers! (I really can’t think of a better nickname for the Topless Topics community, help me plz x.x)

    I think it’s way past time that I finally put together an official “Topless Topics/#freethenipple FAQ” video, where I can hopefully address some of the questions, comments, and “suggestions” I most frequently receive while making my FTN videos. I’m gonna list some of the FAQs I can think of already, but I would greatly appreciate your help in making sure this is a complete list! I could also use your help in coming up with everything I should say in response to these FAQs! Or maybe you have questions or comments you think are complex enough to warrant their own specific videos? Please reply and let me know!

    Here are some of the FAQs I most often receive (I’ll write out the answers at the time of recording the video, rather than try to get through all that right now)

    About #FreetheNipple:

    -“What is FreetheNipple really trying to achieve? Aren’t you all just attention whores?”

    -“Isn’t it insulting to women in countries who are REALLY suffering, from things like genital mutilation and being stoned to death for not covering themselves head to toe, for you to be complaining about something as stupid as not being allowed to walk around with your tits out?”

    -“If women were allowed to walk with their tits out, I should be allowed to walk with my dick and balls out!”

    -“Why are there only skinny white women supporting FreeTheNipple?”

    -“Women’s breasts are just different than men’s. That’s biological fact.”

    -“If women are allowed to go without shirts, men will be unable to stop themselves from raping them.”

    -“If women are allowed to go shirtless, I should be allowed to masturbate in front of them. It’s only fair.”

    -“Only ugly women want to put their tits out, and only because they want attention. You don’t ACTUALLY want equality, stop pretending you do!”

    -“If women are allowed to go topless, that will remove all the ‘mystique’ from their nude forms! Then males won’t be attracted to them anymore and everyone will stop having sex!”

    Questions/Comments about Topless Topics specifically:

    -“Youtube/Facebook/etc don’t really ban topless women’s videos, you’re lying. I know this because I found a video that wasn’t banned once.”

    -“Why don’t you just wear pasties when you film?”

    -“Why don’t you just blur out your tits?”

    -“How can you have a Patreon and sell digital nude prints of yourself? You’re totally a whore.”

    Those are all the ones I can think of presently…I’m sure a lot of them can be simplified into more general questions. What else am I missing? And how do you cats think I should respond??

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    I suppose I should also do a nudism/naturalism FAQ video sometime as well, but I want to keep that separate as you don’t have to be a nudist to be a FreetheNipple supporter, and visa versa! But feel free to suggest questions/comments/answers for that as well!

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    Here are a few more questions:

    What is the difference between Topless, Topfree, and Bare-chested?
    What is the difference between Free the Nipple, Topfree Equal Rights, and Go Topless?
    If going topless is legal in so many places, why don’t I see more women doing it?

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    I’m surprised by some of the questions that come up other than the one instance of a pervert masturbating on the beach I have never seen men behave inappropriately towards topless women. Also for what it is worth I have never come across any instances of men complaining about women being topless or making the type of comments you have included.

    On the point that women’s breasts are different I do get the point that the anatomy of a man’s breast and a woman’s are practically identical so at that level the statement is correct but is this the full story? Having seen some of the general information about American laws however I guess it is an important point.

    The question about wearing pasties amused and the thought of you filming with these pasties on your breasts seemed bizarre in the extreme, (http://www.historic-uk.com/CultureUK/The-Cornish-Pasty/), but then I managed to find out there was another meaning!

    On Robert91’s question “why don’t I see more women doing it?” is interesting and I think it is fairly clear topless sunbathing in Europe is in decline, it’s also interesting that some articles even identify campaigns like “free the nipple” as being partly responsible. To some extent I think that is an unfair comment as what is being done is highlighting some of the negative views that may have otherwise gone somewhat unnoticed.

    Interestingly the only instances of complaints about topless women I have come across are from women for example:
    1 I have been sat talking in a bar on holiday with my wife and had a couple come over and the woman preach on how disgusting nudity and topless sunbathing was (whilst her husband nodded obediently). We had to walk away!
    2 I have seen women approach other women and ask them to cover up
    3 I have seen women complain to the rep about topless women.
    4 I stood in a check in que at the airport next to women complaining the beach was full of topless people and saying the resort would need to change (they were previously patrons of Egypt and Tunisia).
    5 There are lots of reviews on the likes of trip adviser with words like “It did not bother me but…” “I’m not a prude but…”

    Perhaps it’s an item that may be worth exploring?

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    Here are a few questions/comments that could apply to either “freethenipple” or naturism/nudism:

    1. Seeing breasts (or genitalia) is damaging to children.
    A: Studies show just the opposite. I know of no study which shows that children are harmed by exposure to non-sexual nudity (or breasts).

    2. Women baring their breasts to males (or naturism) is a sin – the Bible says so.
    A: This is a huge topic, but to sum up – there is no place in the Bible in which God condemns nudity in and of itself. God condemns the actions of the individual(s).

    3. Women need to wear bras to prevent sag. Not wearing them would be damaging.
    A: Dressed to Kill is a great resource that can discuss this in more detail.

    Happy to provide more detail (I always enjoy researching). Thanks!

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    I guess you mean the book “Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras” and not the film ??

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      A quick search leads to Dr. Jen Gunter:


      She highlights the authors claim “….. bras restrict the flow of lymphatic fluid keeping “toxins” in the breast where they can cause mayhem (*note, the use of toxins in a quasi-medical sense is snake oil alert).” Amongst other useful analysis of the claims.

      There’s other similar references that are easy to find.

      Caution seems wise.

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      Yup, you’re right…the book. I should have clarified that. While I’m no doctor, we know that tight underwear causes health problems for men, including low sperm count, so I don’t think it would be a stretch to speculate that bra use could be causing damage to women.

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