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Published on May 30, 2020

Hey y’all, here’s a Q & A with my thoughts on misogyny and sexism, why women judge other women, and what I think needs to be done for topless equality for all!

Here’s the Naked Wanderings blog, and I’ll put a link to the specific post including my submission when it’s up!

And some more links to stuff I mentioned in this video:

Hector Martinez’ Petition to end censorship of nonsexual nudity:

UCSD #Freethenipple protest rally I attended:

Breakdown of where it’s legal for women to go topless state-by-state:

My interview with Adam the founder of the Just Naked podcast and NYC-based nudist events:

My new “Day in the Life of a Topfree Activist” webcomic:

The livestream page of my website, where I livestream every Friday and Saturday 1-4pm PST and sometimes unplanned during the week (follow my social media links below for notifications when I start those unplanned livestreams!):

A bunch of screenshots of every time I’ve been banned on every social media platform and video hosting site:

Also! If you like using Animated GIFs to give your social media posts some pizzaz, I made several out of this video, which you can find here:

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