Topless Topics Interviews NS4A2: Tabletop DM, Anti-Prohibitionist, Trans-rights Activist, Feminist

Topless Topics Interviews NS4A2: Tabletop DM, Anti-Prohibitionist, Trans-rights Activist, Feminist

Video Highlight: #bodypositivity vs #bodyneutrality

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Here is an interview I shot with Topless Topics community member NS4A2 (or as I affectionately call him, “NASA”) about his views and activism for feminism and lgbtq+ advocacy, and his focus on trans-rights especially, as well as other issues and topics that came up–like gun control measures that actually work (this will be expanded upon in a future video focused specifically about gun control), incel ideology, “body positivity” vs “body neutrality,” and many other subjects besides.

The video is presented as one long upload instead of broken into smaller parts as I typically do, but I hope you’ll stick around for the whole thing, as a lot of interesting and useful topics were discussed!

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