Social Media Campaign: Nudity Not Nazis

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Following the steps of other “social media campaign” ideas I’ve had (like #MaleNipsForEquality, #WearAFuckingMask, and #NormalizeNudityDay) I thought we could have some fun highlighting the insane policies of mainstream social media and video sharing platforms that seem to think white nationalists, supremacists, nazis and other forms of outright bigotry and hate speech are permissible as “free speech,” but below-the-waist nudity or, god forbid, an errant female-looking nipple is worthy of an insta-ban!

If you’d like to take part, you can submit your nonsexual nude photo that you’d like me to place in the bottom quadrant (and I’ll email it back to you for you to post to your OWN social media platforms, since I’m constantly getting banned on mine, no matter how insanely I pre-censor them). I think the meme loses impact if you ask for your face to be blurred out, but we can try that if you insist. Feel free to submit your own picture for the nazi/white supremacist/MAGAt/etc of your choice as well, or I can pick one from the countless examples ALL OVER social media that are somehow fine to post, but not female nipples!

Alternatively, if you’re a Trumper and/and white supremacist, feel free to reblog these memes to your own social media and tell your friends what an ugly stupid libtard I am! That will #ownthelibs for sure!

Submit your pictures by emailing them to me, and I’ll send you back the image when I can!

#NudityNotNazis meme posts created so far

Please feel free to right click > download & reupload these to whatever social media platform you use however many times you like!

And/or, help Topless Topics get the #NudityNotNazis message trending even more by making your own original posts to Facebook and Instagram directly using these already-censored versions of each meme post!

Since those of you reading this message have most likely not been subject to the constant and insane bans that I have, it’s much less likely that you will have your own accounts threatened for deleting “implied nudity” (which could apply to anything, even regular clothes, if the moderator is fascist enough) to your Facebook or Instagram account!

All the same, just to have a little more security against getting banned, here I’m providing alternative pre-censored versions of each post with any “implied nudity” artfully hidden under either a confederate flag (which Instagram has proven they find inoffensive enough to keep up, unlike posts with my entire body chin-down hidden by giant orange or blue gradient boxes).

If you need help understanding how to make ORIGINAL posts (not retweets that will disappear if my original tweet gets banned) linking to Topless Topics content, please use this helpful guide (with pictures!):

If you’d like to make your own #NudityNotNazis posts featuring your own nonsexual nudity and/or white supremacist/nazi/anti-vaxxer/gunnut/etc imagery, feel free to use this template! (or make your own!)