Every Time Topless Topics Has Been Banned

Decided to make this page as a sort of information-dump of screenshots and videos about every time I’ve been banned on every platform, just to link the “you don’t really get banned, you’re just pretending to for attention” haters. I’ll try to organize this better at another time.Most Recent:Links to videos relating to being banned:Youtube You win, YouTube. No more nipples. https://youtu.be/CGy0CkTG-go Banned from Youtube AND Facebook ON THE SAME DAY! Yep, another hiatus! https://youtu.be/3kYyQtXC2DQ Yep, Youtube Still Bans Topless Videos (just as i keep telling you) https://youtu.be/Il3NnFByj0U Vimeo “Banned 4 Lyfe: Topless Topics Preview” (wherein Youtube banned a video that was COMPLETELY … Continue reading Every Time Topless Topics Has Been Banned