(I still need to organize this page by service, etc. For now it’s just a massive dump of screenshots of the many, many times Topless Topics content has been banned on every platform you’ve ever heard of and some you probably haven’t, always and only for the heinous unforgiveable sin of nonsexual female nipples!)

A short video on Twitter describing one of the most insane strikes yet from the fascists over at Youtube-

The Perfect Proof That Only My Content Is Disproportionately Censored

As you’ll see by simply scrolling down, my content has been banned over and over, for ever-increasingly insane reasons. And the most galling of all of this is the extremely-easy-to-find samples all over these platforms of far more explicit content that DOESN’T get banned.

Here is an absolute perfect piece of proof of this:

In March 2021, I exchanged a pair of videos with the creator of the Normalizing Nudity Youtube channel. The above is the video that I filmed for his channel, answering questions about my history of nudism that he asks of his other guests, whose videos his page also hosts (most of whom are other young women like me, for reasons of who is actually willing to be nude on camera). As you can see, the video is STILL up–finally, months after it’s been up, Youtube slapped an age restriction on it but still didn’t take it all the way down–and has amassed over 500 comments and one MILLION views.

Meanwhile, when I tried to host a couple of “highlight clips” (smaller videos that highlight particularly important points within the video) to my OWN Youtube channel, WITH THE ABOVE MOSAIC BLUR EFFECT APPLIED TO THE ENTIRE LOWER TWO THIRDS OF THE VIDEOS, YOUTUBE BANNED MY VIDEOS!!!

Again, if this does not perfectly demonstrate the insanely disproportionate degree to which my and only my content is censored and banned, nothing does.

Most Recent:

I made a pro-vax Topless Topics Rant Vlog that simply sites info about the extremely contagious new Delta Variant of covid19 from reputable sources like WaPo and the CDC directly and asks viewers to get vaccinated so our children can be safe someday, and my dedicated cabal of haters managed to get the video immediately removed as “medical disinformation”???

Of course I appealed it, and of course they immediately rejected that appeal, saying “yep, it’s medical disinformation.” (It’s not)

In cruel irony, hours after my appeal was rejected, I got yet another reply from an anti-vax toolbag making the false assertion that children do not suffer from covid, and linking to an ACTUAL VACCINE DISINFORMATION VIDEO still up on Youtube without a problem, because of course:

Banned from daily motion, a website that claims to allow nonsexual nudity, the same day I started using it

YOutube Banned My Entire Topless Topics Show Account!

There isn’t really anything I can do about it (I filed an appeal but those always get immediately rejected or, in the case of the longtime #normalizenudity activist Hector Martinez (@_Hector_Mtz on Twitter), they’ll simply never reply to your appeal at all.

So, I tried filing a change.org petition! Who knows, if we can get several hundred thousand signatures, maybe we can finally convince Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc that it’s more “financially beneficial” for them to stop giving “male-looking nipples” priviliges against censorship that the rest of us don’t get!

Sign the “Restore Topless Topics’ #freethenipple youtube channel and STOP GIVING MEN EXTRA RIGHTS” petition here:


I fucking. fucking. fucking hate these websites.

In order of most recently received:

Decided to make this page as a sort of information-dump of screenshots and videos about every time I’ve been banned on every platform, just to link the “you don’t really get banned, you’re just pretending to for attention” haters. I’ll try to organize this better at another time.

Most Recent:

Links to videos relating to being banned: