Every Time Topless Topics Has Been Banned

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Anyone who’s followed Topless Topics for some time has seen first-hand how my content “gets banned to a degree no one else faces,” thanks to my “dedicated cabal of haters” who false-report everything I post. Time and time again, on every platform you’ve heard of and some you haven’t–I’ve had innumerable posts banned, while far more offensive (and/or naked) content posted by other people on that same platform stays up. A saner person would have quit by now, but I just can’t seem to give up the fight for topless equality (as part of the overarching goal of dismantling the entire patriarchy) :p

Please note this is hardly an exhaustive catalog of screenshots of the many, many times I’ve been banned–I’m always running behind on updating this page, and/or forgetting to take screenshots of each new ban, as it really does happen that often. That being said, hopefully this gives a little taste of what I’ve been through over the last decade since Topless Topics was founded–and every year seems to be worse than the last.

Because I get banned so often, this is why I encourage everyone to visit my Contacts page to find links to all my as-yet-unbanned online accounts–if you only follow me on one platform e.g. Instagram and that Instagram, like so many others, gets banned, then I won’t have any other way to communicate with you!

View all my as-yet-unbanned contact information here: Topless Topics Contact Page toplesstopics.org/contact

Click the icon for the platform you want to see banned screenshots from, or keep scrolling to see them all


I made a pro-vax Topless Topics Rant Vlog that simply sites info about the extremely contagious new Delta Variant of covid19 from reputable sources like WaPo and the CDC directly and asks viewers to get vaccinated so our children can be safe someday, and my dedicated cabal of haters managed to get the video immediately removed as “medical disinformation”???

Of course I appealed it, and of course they immediately rejected that appeal, saying “yep, it’s medical disinformation.” (It’s not)

In cruel irony, hours after my appeal was rejected, I got yet another reply from an anti-vax toolbag making the false assertion that children do not suffer from covid, and linking to an ACTUAL VACCINE DISINFORMATION VIDEO still up on Youtube without a problem, because of course:

Other Misc Youtube Bans

Proof that Topless Topics is
Banned More Than Anyone Else

In March 2021, I exchanged a pair of videos with the creator of the Normalizing Nudity Youtube channel. The above is the video that I filmed for his channel, answering questions about my history of nudism that he asks of his other guests, whose videos his page also hosts (most of whom are other young women like me, for reasons of who is actually willing to be nude on camera). As you can see, the video is STILL up–finally, months after it’s been up, Youtube slapped an age restriction on it but still didn’t take it all the way down–and has amassed over 500 comments and one MILLION views.

A screenshot of all the videos not yet banned on Normalizing Nudity’s Youtube channel, as of July 2022. Please note that the videos themselves are uncensored–
it’s only the thumbnails that have female nipples hidden.

Update in 2022: At some point in the past year, it seems that Normalizing Nudity’s video of me from our exchange has been taken down, but only having amassed over 10 million views. It’s quite perplexing since his channel is still full of videos of fully naked, uncensored women that have not gotten banned, but I presume even my presence on someone else’s channel fell prey to my usual Dedicated Cabal of Haters.

Meanwhile, when I tried to host a couple of “highlight clips” (smaller videos that highlight particularly important points within the video) to my OWN Youtube channel, WITH THE ABOVE MOSAIC BLUR EFFECT APPLIED TO THE ENTIRE LOWER TWO THIRDS OF THE VIDEOS, YOUTUBE BANNED MY VIDEOS!!!

Again, if this does not perfectly demonstrate the insanely disproportionate degree to which my and only my content is censored and banned, nothing does.

By the way if you wondered why I don’t pay for back-end costs and my hard work by the route available to all the massively popular Youtubers, it’s because even if I never had a banned video ever again, Youtube already demonetized my entire channel:

Please keep in mind that this is NOT an exhaustive list of “every time Topless Topics has been banned on every platform you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t”–I do my work and correspondence for TT on several computers as well as my phone, and sometimes I forget to screenshot a new “you’ve been banned!” app alert before I close it and it disappears forever. If you’d like to see live updates on every new ban, I invite you to follow me on social media, especially Twitter. I even had an Instagram account specifically for screenshots of my banned content, called “TTButBanned,” but it, uh, got banned 😀

Also, please note that my Twitter posts are presented as a thumbnail, with the link to the actual tweet below them, because when Twitter doesn’t ban my posts outright, they refuse to show my content in the timelines even of established followers, they hide all my content from un-logged-in viewers and accounts that haven’t pre-authorized “show sensitive media” under their security settings (aka shadowbanning):

See tweet: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1360004810754428934?s=20&t=4_9R4H8MFcg-q06ZdyDz5Q

Anyway, for a brief glimpse into the constant onslaught of bans my content is constantly subjected to, each new ban more bullshit than the last, keep scrolling!

The Ultimate Proof That
I Get Banned More Than Anyone Else

When I first started the first location for my Topless Topics account in 2014, my Youtube account Topless Topics (https://www.youtube.com/user/toplesstopics), it was in response to a few reply-videos I had done on my gaming account CeriGotGame (https://www.youtube.com/c/cerigotgame) to fellow female creator Trisha Hershberger’s vlog series The Naked Truth (https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKNbeg5H2o5v87WvXOsGD6w0Myxrj9kk0) (since changed to an audio-only podcast, because the constant harassment was too much, I guess- https://anchor.fm/trisha-hershberger). And for the first year and a half of the Topless Topics’ Youtube channel existence, things were actually progressing pretty well–after all, Youtube is/was already FULL of topless male bodies everywhere you looked, and even some as-yet-unbanned nonsexual full body nudity of all genders, so why shouldn’t I also be allowed to exist? But sure enough, as my audience grew, so did my army of haters, who utilized false-flagging to have my content removed by simply telling the algorithms “this content violates community guidelines” and down it goes, whether or not it actually violates said “guidelines.”

Since then, I’ve had more Youtube videos than I can count banned for increasingly absurd definitions of “sex and nudity,” not to mention COMPLETELY fabricated allegations like “medical disinformation” and “hatespeech.” Very rarely, I’ve been able to get falsely banned videos reinstated by begging my followers to tweet at @teamyoutube asking them to re-review, and even more rarely, I’ve had an appeal I filed on a banned video actually reviewed by a real live person who reinstated it, rather than having the appeal rejected the moment I clicked “Send.”

But the vast majority of videos stay banned, and I don’t just get entire videos banned–I’ve also received strikes for “nude thumbnails” (I censored out my chest with a giant digital pastie, or blurred the hell out of it), “linking to porn” (my own goddamn website, which is specifically NOT pornographic), etc. And the trouble with Youtube strikes is that three strikes and you’re out–your entire account will be obliterated, and good luck reaching a real live person to review the ban. (In fact, I once had an entire UNLISTED alt Youtube account banned mid-livestream, with absolutely no previous strikes) . The only way I’ve survived all the past strikes is by posting absolutely nothing even vaguely “risque” for three months until the strike expires automatically, except for “warnings,” which never go away.

Thus, I constantly operate with the assumption that one of these days I’m going to log in, and find that my entire main account is obliterated and there’s nothing I can do about it. Cheerful thought that I can do absolutely nothing about, except take more screenshots and post them here!

But first, a demonstration on how much more persecuted my content is than any other channel on Youtube:

As you’ll see by simply scrolling down, my content has been banned over and over, for ever-increasingly insane reasons. And the most galling of all of this is the extremely-easy-to-find samples all over these platforms of far more explicit content that DOESN’T get banned.

Here is an absolute perfect piece of proof of this:

The Perfect Proof That Only My Content Is Disproportionately Censored

Other numerous Youtube bans:

Banned as “Medical Misinformation”

Banned on Facebook

See on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1362123562069286912?s=20

Banned on Tiktok

Read on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1283147468746698755?s=20&t=VRrrYdgn_QwLgKDSOLaOug

Banned on Twitter

See on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1349060786124169219?s=20&t=qUHaScATrX6rL3p60e5jNA

Banned on Instagram

Read on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1359685491788898314?s=20&t=8Kct86bwHg5LKJQppfNwhw
See on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1359687388658737155?s=20&t=8Kct86bwHg5LKJQppfNwhw
See on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1355953811228028936?s=20&t=Zr3VhIHEKm_gaHRGV1pxQw
See on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1354130360834121728?s=20&t=8gHi4loVxipL4ab9cWW3hA

I fucking. fucking. fucking hate these websites.

Banned on Twitch


Banned on Dailymotion



Banned on Google + (remember that? lol)

Banned from daily motion, a website that claims to allow nonsexual nudity, the same day I started using it

In order of most recently received:

Decided to make this page as a sort of information-dump of screenshots and videos about every time I’ve been banned on every platform, just to link the “you don’t really get banned, you’re just pretending to for attention” haters. I’ll try to organize this better at another time.

Most Recent:

Links to videos relating to being banned:



Other Things Related to Bans on Social Media

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