Keep Topless Topics Running and Improve Future Content

Are you interested in helping me improve Topless Topics content but are nervous about signing up for a monthly donation through Patreon (which btw you can quit at any time)? Or maybe you’re taking part in a photo-for-sale poll and you’re worried that your favorite option won’t end up in the store? Perhaps you have something of a nature other than monetary you wish to donate, like your digital talents to help me make the website run smoother? Whatever your reason for how you want to donate, I’ve put this page together to hopefully make it easier for you to find the most efficient and secure way to show your support! If you have questions or want to suggest an alternate method of donating, then please shoot me an email and I’ll add it in if it makes sense! Thanks in advance!

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Monthly Donations with Reward Tiers through Patreon

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One-Time Donations through Paypal

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What Do Donations Go Towards

I’ll fill this out more in the future, but the long and short of it is that there are many costs that go behind a community project like Topless Topics, beyond the simple time and effort it takes to create all this stuff. The biggest constant cost are all the digital subscriptions necessary to house the videos, website, WordPress plugins, etc., especially considering the vast majority of “free” (aka they make their money off selling your user data) websites lik Youtube and Facebook will ban any content with visible female nipples in them as “porn,” regardless of whether they’re actually sexual in nature or not. This means we have to go with paid options like Vimeo to house the videos, etc., and like I just mentioned, that stuff costs money!

On top of those costs, there’s also a price behind any kind of significant upgrade we want to make, like buying better recording equipment, hiring freelancers to help me record/improve the website/etc, adding options to the Etsy store, and so on. These are typically relegated to an “as it becomes available” status, meaning I’m doing the best with the time and skills I have to do everything myself, but as hiring freelancers etc. becomes economically viable thanks to donations like yours, then I can improve those features, one upgrade at a time. If you have a specific upgrade you want your donation to go towards, feel free to email me your thoughts and I will try to put that upgrade up as a higher priority, as much as makes sense.


Future Goals to be Funded

Again, I’ll fill this out more in the future, but here are a few things I would love to finance off the top of my head:

  • Shotgun mic or something similar so when I record outside, viewers aren’t bombarded by sounds of wind and background noise
  • a better webcam for livestreaming
  • hire someone to hold the camera for me when I go to cover outside events 
  • pay the upfront cost so I can sell physical goods in the store, like physical prints, branded merchandise, and handmade goods like seed bead bracelets


Interested in helping me pay for new equipment and supplies up-front? Here’s an Amazon wishlist of some of my top wants for the channel! (Though for right now cash donations are preferred so I can finish paying off my recording shed!!)