Thanks for your interest in donating to the cause! I’m still in the process of cleaning this page up, but feel free to scroll down to the section that interests you:

Donation Goals

Given how my family life (e.g. my energetic and destructive young children) doesn’t allow me to work a regular schedule at my computer, I rely on “social media managers” like Hootsuite to help me schedule posts about new videos, etc. in advance. I’ve been using the “free plan” for a while, but unfortunately it’s very limited–only three accounts can be attached, and you can only schedule 30 posts at a time–and each network counts as a “post,” ie scheduling the same submission to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook counts as three posts.

But the next level up for Hootsuite is $29/month which is…beyond what I can afford on my own, considering I’m already NEGATIVE every month paying off previous Topless Topics-related debts (see above/below…) But if I could someday upgrade to even just the “professional” level plan, it would take a lot of the work out of having to be my own social media manager on top of everything else, and that would free me up to spend more time creating videos and engaging with followers on a personal level!

Methods for Donating:

  • Donate directly through you phone using the $CashApp: Try Cash App using my code and we’ll each get $5! MNRBCFH
  • Monthly Donations with Reward Tiers through Patreon
  • One-Time Donations through Paypal
    • (Click the graphic above!)
  • Purchase digital prints and other merch thru Etsy

Donation Rewards

(still filling this out, for now I don’t have the finances to offer a whole lot, but I do send out digital photos from the “artistic nude” photoshoots I’ve done at the past, which you can see on the Etsy page. I do have plans for t-shirts, tote bags, etc., but right now I’m trying to hand-make all the products myself and it takes a long time >.< I’d like to aim for achieving enough money at one time to do a bulk order on t-shirts etc so then I can focus on sending them out!)

Keep Topless Topics Running and Improve Future Content

Are you interested in helping me improve Topless Topics content but are nervous about signing up for a monthly donation through Patreon (which btw you can quit at any time)? Or maybe you’re taking part in a photo-for-sale poll and you’re worried that your favorite option won’t end up in the store? Perhaps you have something of a nature other than monetary you wish to donate, like your digital talents to help me make the website run smoother? Whatever your reason for how you want to donate, I’ve put this page together to hopefully make it easier for you to find the most efficient and secure way to show your support! If you have questions or want to suggest an alternate method of donating, then please shoot me an email and I’ll add it in if it makes sense! Thanks in advance!

Current and Ongoing Financial Goals

As you might expect, something that takes as much time, effort and software subscriptions to make as Topless Topics is pretty much impossible for me create all on my own, especially while raising two young children who don’t really give me a chance to do much video editing etc. except when they’re asleep! TT_TT

Thus I’m dependent on the kind contributions from the Topless Topics Community, whether that comes in the form of monthly Patreon donations, one-time donations, or purchases of the artist nude photography prints and (coming soon) hand-made creative projects by Cleo in the Etsy store.

I do what I can with what I have, but the more money donated, the better I can make the videos, by fulfilling the various goals listed below as the need arises.

Ongoing Costs

  • Vimeo Premium subscription for $1000/year (renews April 20th)
    • For years I was only a Vimeo Plus subscriber, but since I started doing livestreams, I’ve had to sign up for the top tier Vimeo subscription, as it’s the only level that allows livestreaming, and Vimeo is the only not-porn-site that actually allows nonsexual topless women to stream! I would really love to use a free site instead (with more users than Vimeo, hopefully) but all of them ban my content! Instead, sometimes I’ll edit out highlights from a livestream and upload the censored version of them to Youtube, and hope that any new fans will follow the links to watch on Vimeo instead. If I ever drop down to a lower subscription tier, I’ll lose my ability to livestream, as well as have much, much less video storage space, so I’ll have to delete a lot of my already uploaded videos (probably the hour-plus livestream recordings, to begin with)
  • Adobe Creative Suite for $600/year (renews February)
    • I started using Adobe software since Photoshop 7, and I was delighted when they started offering the monthly cloud-based subscription model, instead of having to invest thousands of dollars into each version of each software each year. Adobe Premiere is instrumental to all my video editing, as well as Photoshop and Illustrator for all my promotional image creation (video thumbnails, social media promo ads, etc) and for the graphic design/illustration work I do on the side (hire me! :D)
  • Xsplit annual subscription for $200 (renews November)
    • Xsplit is what I use whenever I’m livestreaming, and it’s what I’ve used the longest. I’ve experimented with other streaming programs over the years but Xsplit seems to do the most of what I need it to do. I’m open to suggestions for better software, however.
  • Paying off my “murder shack” recording studio shed
    • I used a chunk of our tax return in ’19 to pay for half of the recording studio shed I had built and moved to our backyard, which makes it much easier for me to record and edit videos while still being on hand for all the childcare duties my parents can’t handle (like, changing diapers, making food for the kids, taking over when my mom’s blood pressure can’t tolerate any more of Link’s temper tantrums for the day…). However I still have several thousand dollars left to pay off, and I could use all the help I can get to take that credit card debt off my plate!
  • Paying off/saving up for Vidcon 2020 in Anaheim
    • After not going to Vidcon for several years since I moved up to Portland and had children, I’ve decided that this is the year I move mountains if necessary to get back down to Disneyland territory to go to what is probably the only even-halfway-legitimate massive get-together of video creators, industry specialists, and untold thousands of their adoring fans. Of course I’ll try to have fun at Vidcon, but my main purpose in going is to network with other (non-ridiculously-famous) creators, industry specialists, possible brand deals, etc., as well as potentially find some new viewers who are legitimate supporters of topless equality and other progressive ideals (the event is mostly attended by teenage girls however and we all know how puritanical Western culture is so I have to keep the deets on my channel on the down-low, lest I get banned from the con for “soliciting minors for sex work” or some bullshit thing like that e.e
    • Regarding costs, some of the costs I’ve already had to pay up-front–like the Vidcon pass itself, and the non-refundable pay-in-advance hotel room cost that I was planning to split with my friend, only for her to announce belatedly that she has a “work thing” so she can’t go anymore (: I’m trying to recoup the money as much as I can with freelance graphic design work and Etsy sales, but these barely scratch the surface and every dollar to help me get down there is extremely appreciated. And on the rare chance any of you happen to be at Vidcon as well, please reach out to me and maybe we can meet up! If enough others are in the area, I may try to put together a group brunch or something similar so we can meet each other face to face!

One-Time/Upcoming Expenses

  • Winter Fae Photoshoot costume creation and hair dye
    • I had so much fun and came out with such lovely photos for the “Spring Nymph” photoshoot I did last summer that I want to do a another photoshoot at the nude beach/forest, this time themed around winter with the “winter fae” costume idea I came up with while livestreaming. I’ll be making the costume with what materials I have on hand already, but it would really help if I could afford to get some more supplies for the accent pieces I want to add to it. The biggest expense is paying to bleach and dye my hair for the shoot, something I definitely lack the expertise to do myself. Unfortunately I don’t have my awesome friend Ro nearby anymore so I have to go to a salon to do this, and the places experienced in doing gradient unnatural colors start charging at $400 just for the bleach and balayange. 
  • Ticket, Hotel and Travel for Vidcon 2020 in June
    • This is a big one! Back when I lived in San Diego, attending Vidcon in Anaheim (right next to Disneyland) was a lot easier–I could just drive up and sleep on LA friends’ couches. Alas, I no longer am in contact with any LA friends who would let me stay over, and I now live 1000+ miles north in Portland, so not exactly a quick drive anymore! Thus, despite attending the first four Vidcons, I stopped going in ’16 (the year Link was born) and haven’t been since. But I’ve set my sights on Vidcon 2020, and already have the ball rolling! Luckily, the aforementioned Ro is still an avid Youtube watcher with dreams of making her own videos, and she’s happy and willing to share a room with me during Vidcon to help with costs. Still it’s going to be very expensive for me to get down there and get to the con, and I could really use the financial support. While there, I’ll be holding meet and greets with any Topless Topics community members who are also in attendance, as well as working my butt off meeting other creators and trying to get some interesting collaborations set up. I’ll post more news and updates to social media as we get closer to the con!
  • Better recording equipment/set pieces/etc
    • I’ve been making videos for a very long time now, always doing the best with what I’ve got. That being said, my videos could always be bigger and better, and having better equipment to record on would be a big help with that. My two main goals for this currently are a more mobile HD camera for recording public events (something like a GoPro, though I’m happy to settle for something cheaper as long as it takes decent video and the battery lasts at least a couple hours) and some sort of external audio device, for better sound recording in noisy environments (such as Vidcon (see above!), political protests, and anything outside really (my DSLR that I record everything on currently picks up wind noise like a mofo). I’m not a tech expert–I usually just google “best (type of device) of (current year) and set my sights on that, but I’m happy to take suggestions on which specific devices I should aim for!
  • Upgraded PC
    • Similar to the actual recording equipment, 90% of what I do for Topless Topics is dependent on having a computer that can run the various editing software I use, as well as running livestreaming programs while I create artwork or let’s play a game or whatever. My current PC is 5+ years old and it’s really starting to show it, especially when I’m trying to censor out my boobs on long videos so I can post them to Youtube etc. (hopefully) without getting banned. I have other expenses I really need to pay off first (see above) but I would love to be able to upgrade my PC for faster/better video editing and livestreaming in the near future.
  • Materials for mass-produced custom merchandise
    • For a long time now I’ve had numerous ideas for branded merchandise I’d love to sell to the Topless Topics community–everything from handmade cross stitch bookmarks to T-shirts featuring mock “male” chests, but just haven’t had the time or money to produce them on the scale that I would need to, to afford to even sell them (if it costs me $35 a shirt to even make them, then I’m not going to make any profit after the price of each shirt plus S&H). The solution to this is to purchase a large order of each product, but that requires a lot more money up-front. I will have more info on these projects as I’m able to put it together, and I frequently post such content to my various social media accounts. So if you’re interested in possibly financing then purchasing one of these products, follow me on social media and stay tuned!




What Do Donations Go Towards

I’ll fill this out more in the future, but the long and short of it is that there are many costs that go behind a community project like Topless Topics, beyond the simple time and effort it takes to create all this stuff. The biggest constant cost are all the digital subscriptions necessary to house the videos, website, WordPress plugins, etc., especially considering the vast majority of “free” (aka they make their money off selling your user data) websites lik Youtube and Facebook will ban any content with visible female nipples in them as “porn,” regardless of whether they’re actually sexual in nature or not. This means we have to go with paid options like Vimeo to house the videos, etc., and like I just mentioned, that stuff costs money!

On top of those costs, there’s also a price behind any kind of significant upgrade we want to make, like buying better recording equipment, hiring freelancers to help me record/improve the website/etc, adding options to the Etsy store, and so on. These are typically relegated to an “as it becomes available” status, meaning I’m doing the best with the time and skills I have to do everything myself, but as hiring freelancers etc. becomes economically viable thanks to donations like yours, then I can improve those features, one upgrade at a time. If you have a specific upgrade you want your donation to go towards, feel free to email me your thoughts and I will try to put that upgrade up as a higher priority, as much as makes sense.


Future Goals to be Funded

Again, I’ll fill this out more in the future, but here are a few things I would love to finance off the top of my head:

  • Shotgun mic or something similar so when I record outside, viewers aren’t bombarded by sounds of wind and background noise
  • a better webcam for livestreaming
  • hire someone to hold the camera for me when I go to cover outside events 
  • pay the upfront cost so I can sell physical goods in the store, like physical prints, branded merchandise, and handmade goods like seed bead bracelets


Interested in helping me pay for new equipment and supplies up-front? Here’s an Amazon wishlist of some of my top wants for the channel! (Though for right now cash donations are preferred so I can finish paying off my recording shed!!)