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Best Ways to Contact Cleo in Order of Preference:

Social Media I have but don’t use very much

These are accounts I made at one time, but haven’t found to be worth the effort of updating all the time, especially since they’re not included in any kind of automated social media manager so I have to manually visit and create a post from scratch to update them every time. Still, if you have a preference for one of these platforms, you can add me, and if I start using them more in the future, you can find my posts there.

Or, you can contact me using this form:

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REMINDER: the main reason I’m always having to remake and switch platforms for my account is that pretty much the whole of the internet is run by the Patriarchy, which hates women and any female-presenting people, so we’re constantly faced with censorship and bans that “people who look male” don’t have to face. This extends of course to “female looking nipples,” which are always categorized as “nudity” and therefore “sexually explicit,” while “male looking nipples” are not. Thus I’m always on the hunt for a social media platform that DOESN’T ban female nipples regardless of context, but the best I’ve found so far is Mastodon, which is more of a programming language than a single platform, thus every instance/server has its own rules, and some (not based in the US) don’t care about female nipples (but have a lot of their own rules, like “no talking about politics.” But if you’re trying to reach out on me on social media and either can’t find me or I’m not replying, you can check here for the most recent update on which accounts I check the most!

A few of the many, many times Topless Topics has been banned from every platform you’ve heard of, and some you haven’t:

  • You can always find MANY more screenshots from social media and website bans by going to the Banned page at !

Even TEXT ONLY posts, and posts featuring a male chest with my head comically-badly-photoshopped over the male’s, as “hate speech” (lolwut):

However, the reality is that 99.9% of people who actively use the internet are still on these websites, and by only relegating myself to the very small, very empty landscape of websites that DON’T ban female nipples (most of which are pretty much entirely lawless, which means I’m still sharing space with nazis and conspiracy theorists), I’m cutting myself off at the knees in my effort to raise awareness, and therefore highlight the hypocrisy, misogyny and transphobia of censorship that targets “female-looking nipples” only.

TL;DR if I avoid the popular, fascist websites entirely, then I will never find enough #toplessequality and #normalizenudity supporters to actually galvanize any changes.

So, as of me updating this page (8-15-2021) I’m back to trepidatiously posting new videos, site updates etc to Facebook and Instagram, and encouraging others to share those posts via my Promo Squad sharing initiative to help boost the online presence of Topless Topics despite the constant bans and shadowbans. If you’d like to join the fight, please read more about the Promo Squad sharing initiative here:

Hopefully someday maybe we’ll have actual, viable alternatives to places like fascistbook that provide all the convenience and usefulness of the current mainstream crop, but without the women-hating nazi-coddling bullshit we have to deal with now. To look into those alternatives, I recommend you review the links at the top of this page to some of those platforms, like Mastodon, Matrix, and more!

So what is the ideal social media platform, then?

Unfortunately, at least as far as I’ve found, the answer is…none. There are a few out there that at least have (less) sexist rules about banning female nipples but not male nipples, and I’m trying to get into the habit of using each of them in the hopes that eventually they’ll fix their problems and grow into legitimate contenders for the platforms that love nazis but hate women, transfolk, non-brand-friendly LGBTQ+, and #bodypositive #fatacceptance (last I was told, “fat” is the non-offensive term that most body positivity activists I’ve talked to have said, but Your Mileage May Vary).

Here are some of the platforms I am currently and/or have in the past tried using, along with some pros and cons I’ve found with them:

(BTW if you’d like to suggest a platform I haven’t tried yet, feel free to email me about it!)

  • Mastodon
    • Current Usage: Yes! Follow me as
    • Pros:
      • it’s more like a programming language than a centralized platforms–many different “servers” (or “instances” as mastodon users call them) have their own sets of rules for users, so you can find a server that’s a good fit for you and use that as your base, but you can follow other accounts from any other instance (with certain exceptions, depending on which other instances the one you choose have added to their ban list).
      • You can also block followers, and use different privacy methods for the messages you send out–public, followers only, direct message, etc.
      • Finally, messages are sent out in strict reverse-chronological order, meaning they show up on your timeline (from the accounts you’re following), not based on the popularity/follower count of whoever is posting.
    • Cons:
      • I’ll be honest, I consider myself a fairly techy/internet savvy person, and even I have a hard time figuring out how to use this site. The UI is very bare-bones, it can be very confusing trying to keep track of replies and other threads, and since you can’t follow a particular instance (unless you make a separate account for each instance), it can be quite difficult searching for people to follow just within mastodon itself.
      • It takes numerous clicks (and waiting times between each click) to do anything from “boost” (retweet) or start following someone from a different instance, and when you’re looking for like minded content creators to follow, that can get super tedious. Some Mastodon users (I see you, Xan ;p) say that these extra steps are a way to deter trolls, but for my end I just find it annoying and makes me want to use the platform less.
    • More info: read their “community guidelines” for nudity here:
  • Mewe
    • Currently Usage: yes, reluctantly, due to lack of alternatives…
    • Pros:
    • Cons:
      • So this website has been around for several years now, and every now and then I have the sizable group of nudists who follow me on social media (mainly Twitter) recommend I try using it again, mainly any time I complain about being banned yet again on the well-known platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, every time I try using MeWe, I run into the same problems:
      • Clunky, confusing website layout. For instance, there are “pages” but also “groups,” and it can be very difficult figuring out which one you’re creating, or trying to join. They also automatically create a “group chat” to go with your group or page, and it’s difficult to figure out how to disable notifications for it and/or hide it from your screen so you aren’t getting pinged constantly if that group happens to be busy.
      • As mentioned above, MeWe is very anti-censorship, of ANY KIND, including the dregs of society that seem to be on every platform anyway (again, isn’t it interesting how Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc claim it’s “impossible” to locate and ban all the nazis, yet even a video thumbnail with a gigantic orange box covering everything below my chin immediately gets banned as “porn”?). And porn. Lots, and lots of porn. Look, anyone who’s actually followed me for a while should know I’m not anti-porn, just anti-all-female-nipples-regardless-of-situation-or-intent-getting-censored-and-or-treated-as-porn. That being said, I and many others (like the majority of my nudist followers) really don’t want to see porn unless we’re specifically looking for it. Being a female-identifying activist makes it especially difficult for me–I am CONSTANTLY having to kick out pornbots (my word for the type of account that furiously retweets my content alongside absolutely hardcore porn, usually without posting a single thing of their own original creation), but if I set the join group application up with any sort of barrier, then NO ONE JOINS, defeating the purpose of having a group page in the first place.
      • TL;DR- MeWe is awkward and full of nazis and graphic porn. If you don’t mind dealing with that–great. For my part, I’m stretched thin enough timewise already, so I’m really not a fan of using it.
  • “Lips Social”
    • Current Usage: Yes, for now, though I literally JUST joined so I don’t have much feedback for it yet- (I think??)
    • Pros:
      • The CONCEPT of the website sounds lovely, as they state themselves in this interview: “Lips, a new social network geared towards free sexual expression, aims to provide that space. Founder Annie Brown and her team want users — sex workers, erotic artists, queer people, activists, and more — to post without fear of censorship or harassment.”
      • I especially like the focus in making it a “safe space” (albeit that’s now a loaded and mocking term used mostly by alt right trolls to describe any place that doesn’t reward being an asshole with money and attention) for sex workers, sex activists, LGBTQ+, etc who face disproportionate censorship on popular platforms, but say they DON’T allow bullying or hate speech (of course, a lot of platforms claim that, but then their actions don’t follow through…)
      • Interviews with the creator highlight that they intentionally have a board of moderators and creators that deviate from the Straight White Cis Male tech bro stereotype that make up the majority of other social media platforms and startups. Hopefully this leads to a more diverse and accepting set of community guidelines that allow artistic expression of nudity (as well as actual porn, more on that below…) but NOT Nazis, etc.
      • You curate content by selecting tags you want to follow, and even tags you specifically DON’T want to follow (like say for instance you DON’T want to see any posts including the #bodypositive tag if you hate to see people who deviate from the Straight White Skinny Cis mainstream media “ideal”)
      • Accounts are currently approval-only, and you have to submit three examples of the type of content you plan to upload, as well as write an (extremely) short description of why you want to join the site.
      • It’s still a very new site, so here’s hoping that they are willing to take suggestions and work on improving the flaws below-
    • Cons:
      • Again, I JUST started on this website so I don’t have a lot of notes yet, but already there are a bunch of things that I find very off-putting-
      • The website, especially the “community guidelines” you have to read carefully before applying to join, are FULL of extremely off-putting typographical and grammatical errors, which really makes the whole website look incredibly unprofessional from the onset. I really don’t understand why they wouldn’t take a few extra minutes to make sure the rules they require EVERYONE TO READ for basic mistakes any in-browser grammar checker would find and highlight.
      • I get the glimmerings of the website design they’re going for, but the actual functionality is severely limiting. For instance–you can only follow existing hashtags, of which there are extremely few (and there doesn’t seem to be a way to suggest or make your own hashtags). Which makes it hard to find new accounts to follow.
      • Even when you use the “explore” feature, the vast majority of the results you get are pictures alone–no description to go with them, unless you click on the picture, which takes you to an entirely different page (requiring a reload every time you go back to the Explore page)–and worst of all, the vast majority of the posts are hidden behind a ! icon, which I presume is similar to Twitter’s “hide sensitive content” function–which I can’t find a way to disable, so the only way I can see what is under each ! is to load every single post separately (which runs into the problem I just described above)
      • Signing up to be a creator on the platform is approval-only, which is fine for now, but I expect will get more and more tedious as the site (hopefully) grows. I do hope they have a whole team ready to work on the approval process, rather than rely on one or two people to handle every single approval request.
      • Again, I appreciate that they allow nonsexual nudity but not nazis–but they also allow porn as well. As I said in my MeWe breakdown above, I’m all for posting porn if you want to, but ideally any platform I use will have options that allow me to preemptively hide porn from my timeline unless I specifically seek it out. Hopefully their “DON’T show me content with these tags” feature can help with this problem, though it sounds like it’ll depend on the good faith of the creators to tag their posts appropriately, instead of trying to slip porn in under the #nudist tag, as so, so, so many Twitter pornbot accounts do.
    • Other Platforms I’ll review more thoroughly in the future:
      • Patreon (HORRIBLE UI, odd restrictions on perks you’re allowed to offer, no sort of post templates you can use or quick options for scheduling, overall pain in the ass to use)
      • Twitch (easy to use, but ridiculous hypocritical allowance of video games full of incredibly graphic violence, but even a low-cut shirt without a bra on a female streamer will get you banned. Also is too crowded to be discovered by new streamers, and is full of trolls that can be hard to block)
      • Plexstorm (allows nudity but also porn–though they stress that you have to have some other kind of content going than JUST sexual acts, website can decide to 404 (not work) at critical times, has its own share of trolls, though so far not as many as more popular sites like Twitch. Also doesn’t keep recordings of streams)
      • Vimeo (longtime user but turns out they’ll blackmail you for even more money if you get more than a mere 250k views in an entire month…read more about that here:
      • Discord (not really a social media platform, just an isolated chat service–lots of options for creating rooms, roles with different permissions, proactive measures to deal with trolls, etc. But there are reports of some Discord servers suddenly getting wiped with no explanation or method of appeal, so I’m hesitant to grow too reliant on using it)

Hey y’all, I’ve heard from a few of you that you’re not sure what the best way to contact me is, so I made this lil graphic to help you out!

I try to catch up on all my methods of contact eventually, but please keep in mind there’s only one of me, and I’m the sole person behind all of Topless Topics! D: That means if I spend all my time reading and responding to your lovely messages, I don’t have any resources left to actually make videos!

Also please know that your words of kindness and support mean a lot to me, so even if I don’t respond to them, I’ve read them and really appreciate them, so much 🙂 If I don’t reply, please don’t take it as a sign that I’m not happy to have received a message from you, I just honestly don’t have time to reply to everything!

(this only goes for the nice/constructively critical messages, of course. gross and/or insulting messages just go right into the trash :p )

Other Social Media Links for Topless Topics

(every like, follow, retweet etc. is hreatly appreciated as it helps me reach new viewers beyond the shadowbanning that keeps my social media accounts from showing up in search results!)

I don’t have time to reply to every message, but I do read all of them, and will reply to direct inquiries if I can!