Thanks for your interest in contacting Topless Topics!

There are several ways you can contact me (Cleo), but please keep in mind that I’m the sole person in charge of all content creation and maintenance, so it takes me a long time to get through all my messages!

Quick, short replies are easiest for me to handle through social media, especially Twitter and Instagram.

Longer inquiries can be emailed directly to me at, but I get a LOT of spam and hatemail, so if you have something you need an urgent reply to, please let me know through the alternate methods of contact above that I have an email from you waiting in my inbox! (It still might take me a while to get to it).

I hope to eventually have enough of a following that I can hire a minimal amount of staff, mainly to help me with the tedious day to day administrative aspects of running something this ambitious. But for now, it’s just me myself and I, so please be patient and keep your messages brief! Thanks!

If you’re in/near Portland, OR and you are interested in collaborating with me

Please use the below form to let me know the nature of your inquiry, and as always, I’ll reply when I can! If you have a specific upcoming event that you want me to record and upload to my channel, you can submit it on the Portland Progressive Event Calendar page:

If you’re NOT near Portland and you’re interested in some form of online collaboration

For now, just use the same form below to let me know what you have in mind. If/when I have more resources available, I want to create some tutorials complete with visual examples on the variety of methods we might be able to collaborate through online interaction only, such as a video chat, etc. ! You can also get some ideas from past online-only collaborations I’ve done:

Real name, nickname, whatever you're comfortable with!
I need your email so we can work out the details on how we can collaborate! Please 😀
I need to know this info so I know if we're talking an in-person collaboration or online only!
You don't NEED experience with any of this, but it would sure help expand our options for collaboration!
Including any of the above that you don't have experience with, but you want to learn more about!
Maybe share some of your aspirations? What kind of collaborative ideas do you have? (Doesn't have to be videos!)
Again, not required, but would sure be helpful!

Currently we only support YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion & Facebook videos