This page is a list of tutorials for various methods you can submit your answers/content, whether it’s for a video chat interview, “ask a man” poll, etc.! I’ll keep fleshing out this page as I have time, hopefully soon with illustrations!

Examples of collaborative formats I have used so far:

Invite Cleo to be on Your Own Channel or Podcast

Maybe you have your own show, podcast, etc and you’re interested in having me on for an episode, whether that’s to interview me, use me as an actor, submit an entry to a contest, etc? First of all, thank you, I’m honored to be asked! Second, I’m happy to work with you on whatever format you need me to submit, time and technology permitting.

If you’re not sure I’d have anything useful to say on your show, here are some topics I have loads of experience with and could easily talk for hours about:

  • dealing with online harassment, especially as a woman
  • growing up as a female pariah in the geek/nerd world (especially video games)
  • growing up nudist, raising nudist kids
  • pop/geek culture in general, especialy video games!
  • artistic passions and pursuits
  • US politics, though I’m not terribly interested in “debating” conservatives, sorry
  • Just ask!

For some examples of past podcasts and shows I’ve been featured on, here are a few links:

Suggested Interview Formats

If you’re interested in filming an interview by/with me, we have a couple of avenues available to us. Of course, if you live in/near Portland or we’re both going to be at an event like VidCon together, then ideally we could film our video in the flesh, in the same room together, using our own equipment etc. But most of you aren’t anywhere near me, so we must find another method to collaborate šŸ˜€

If you’ve got the technical know-how, we have plenty of options available, as I’m sure you know. Feel free to shoot me and email and we can discuss it if you have something a little more complicated in mind. Otherwise, here are a few methods for the less technologically-inclined to try out:

  • Option 1 : figure out a set time and date that we can both be online, then start a video chat that I’ll film on my end and release as a video for others to view after editing out the awkward/dead air parts. Here are some examples of this method. This method can lend more comaraderie/easy conversation, but seems to provide more technical limitations, especially when I’m trying to coordinate scheduling with someone who lives on the other side of the world from me!
  • Option 2 : discuss with me our interview question(s), record an unlisted or otherwise unfinished version of your answers to my questions and a separate video of your questions that you want my answers to, and submit that video to me using one of the “how to submit video” methods listed below. Once I have the videos, I can edit my own answers & questions videos together, then provide you the video(s) to upload to your own video hosting platform, if you have one. (If you don’t, that’s fine!)
  • Option 3 : ??? Email me and suggest something! (But please be patient about getting a reply, I’m very overextended as it is so it takes me a while to get through my inbox!)

How to Submit Video and/or Audio

  • Option 1 : record your video, then upload it unlisted to Youtube
    • “Unlisted” means only those with the url can view the video, by going directly to the link. If you’re uploading something containing genitals (i.e. full body nudism) and/or female-looking nipples, I recommend using a dummy/spare account, not your usual Youtube account that you’ve put work into, in case you get banned!
  • Option 2 : record your video, then upload it to DropBox, OneDrive, etc.
    • Free gmail accounts come with 15gb of free upload space, so as long as your video isn’t too long and/or high quality, you could upload it and send me the link to download that way!
  • Option 3 : upload your video publicly, then send me the link
    • If, for instance, you already have your own youtube/vimeo/etc and you want to promote your channel as well as submit your answer to me that way, feel free to upload it as you normally would then send me the link and I’ll download and edit it that way! Alternatively, you might be interested in sending me the file before you share it with your other followers so I can edit my part of the video in as well, then upload that two-part video to your channel instead!
  • Option 4 : email me your file directly
    • Alas gmail has a really small direct file transfer limit, so this won’t work for video files. It works for pictures and smaller audio files, though!


Guidelines for Acceptible Formats

I’ll be streamlining these guidelines more as I get more collaboration submissions and therefore have a better idea of what I’m doing, but here are some things to please keep in mind already:

Video Submissions

  • DON’T PUT SEXUAL CONTENT IN THEM OR YOU WILL BE BANNED. Don’t pretend you don’t know what “sexual content” is either. I’m not an idiot. If you insist on sending me porn anyway, I’ll probably share a screenshot of it to my social media without obscuring your name, so decide for yourself if it’s worth getting harassed by strangers (just like I have to deal with!) šŸ˜€
  • Please keep your submissions under 15 minutes long, less if possible. Especially if you’re submitting an answer to a community question like the Ask a Man series, where I need to pack multiple answers into one video!
  • Please prepare yourself before you start recording–try writing out some general notes about what you want to say if not an actual script, and don’t be afraid to delete the video and try again more concisely. After all, these videos are intended to be shared with everyone who watches Topless Topics, so you want to put your best nose forward, as it were!
  • Check your video before you send it to me. Is it relatively in focus? Can I actually hear and understand what you’re saying? If the video quality is unusably awful, please try recording it again. <3
  • Don’t send me raw camera files if using a DSLR to record, etc. As much as I love high quality video, it’s not worth it for you to spend that long uploading a huge file, or me to download it. The original recording from a cell phone or usb webcam is probably alright, unless it’s three hours long (in which case, see point #2 please)

Audio Submissions

  • Mostly same guidelines as above–nothing sexual (I can tell if you’re masturbating in the background), please not more than 15 minutes long, please review the file and check the quality before you send it, and make sure the file isn’t larger than, say, 1 GB. If you’re sending me an audio file that’s larger than 1 GB, that’s a problem. (If you recorded straight into a program like Audacity, please export it as a MP3 first)

Picture Submissions

For instance, if you have a picture of yourself that you want included next to a caption of your written answer, or to display while I share your audio file.

  • Nothing gross/perverted. I get dozens of unsolicited dick pics daily, yours is not worth blinking at.
  • Don’t send me viruses. Every submission is thoroughly vetted before I download it.
  • Don’t send me pictures of other people without their permission.
  • Try not to send pictures in a weird filetype. JPEG, PNG, maybe GIF should be fine. If you have no idea how filetypes work and all you have is a PDF or something like that, I understand, we’ll do the best we can.

Written Submissions

  • As with everything, please try to limit your size of an answer, especially if it’s for a video that’s going to include multiple answers like the Ask a Man series. For a rough guide, let’s say three paragraphs of up to ten sentences each paragraph max (or if you like word counts, let’s say under 500 words).
  • I’m going to assume anything you share with me is free to be shared with all of Topless Topics unless you say otherwise, so don’t tell me an intimate detail about someone or something then get mad if that person finds the video and gets upset with you for sharing that detail!
  • If at all possible, please include some element of the above so that I can personalize your answer as more than just a block of text. It will make the overall video much more interesting, I promise!


Want to collaborate with me using one of the above methods? Fill out this form!

Real name, nickname, whatever you're comfortable with!
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Including any of the above that you don't have experience with, but you want to learn more about!
Maybe share some of your aspirations? What kind of collaborative ideas do you have? (Doesn't have to be videos!)
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