Topless Topics Site Map

Welcome to the Topless Topics Site Map! This is a work-in-progress as I try to figure out the best way to guide site viewers to the content they’re looking for, with as minimal amount of clicking as possible.

If you’d like to offer any suggestions on how else I should organize the site map, feel free to use any of the forms of contact listed at to let me know!

Topless Topics Site Map

Over the 10+ years that Topless Topics has existed, we’ve built up quite a collection of content, ranging the spectrum from platform to purpose! The majority of Topless Topics content can be found in the Videos section, where you can find topics ranging from politics to parenting, video games to systemic racism, sex positivity to censorship, and many other topics besides.

The best way to find the videos that interest you most is by using the descriptions below to pick a category, then you can search further within that category by “tag” aka “keyword” or “topic”)

The “creme de la creme” of Topless Topics content–a curated collection of videos showcasing the most interesting, the most professionally produced, or just otherwise share-worthy pieces thus far created. Consider this a brief entryway of sorts to those of you just stumbling in here, without the faintest idea what “Topless Topics” really is!

Any videos involving two or more persons, whether that’s an interview (one host asking the other host about specific subjects), cohosts (both or all participants discussing the same topics together), group events, or more.

Coverage of specific events, from protest marches to sexy smutty comedy shows to digital creator conventions. Of course Covid put a big damper on attending a lot of these, but as it becomes safe(ish) to participate in more live events, I hope to expand this section a lot more in the near future!

Taking a break from the doom and gloom of many parts of the Topless Topics collection, this is where we collect the more light-hearted material–karaoke song requests, reviews of movies and video games, funny and/or scary video game let’s plays, arts and crafts tutorials and timelapses, and so on.

All things parenting, children and family-related, from tips for successful breastfeeding to gripes about potty-training a recalcitrant four year old.

All videos related to the specific discussions around nudism/naturism (jury’s still out on which is the “official” term), which essentially encompasses the belief/ideology/lifestyle/what-have-you that states you can be naked without being involved in a sexual act, and similarly, that there are plenty of explicitly sexual acts you can find anywhere on the internet that still, obstensibly, involve the wearing of clothes.

Videos pertaining to censorship–shadowbans, account wipes, banned posts, and that sort of thing–as you can imagine, there’s a lot of intersection here with videos in other categories, as the entire point of Topless Topics is fighting for the same (lack of) censorship for the above-waist bodies of ALL genders, not just people who “look male”!

Videos pertaining to sex positivity (like interviewing sex workers), types and structures of romance (like discussing models of polyamory), identifying and experiencing with trans and nonbinary genders, etc.

Videos that don’t more specifically relate to the other categories, like live reactions to the 2020 presidential debates, discussions over who is and isn’t qualified to join the supreme court, racial inequality, defining propaganda and disinformation, etc.

If any of the above categories do not perfectly align with what you are looking for, feel free to use the “Search by Tag” option to look for more specific results!

(Name change pending if I can think of a better term)

Here are links to the other Topless-Topics-related content that aren’t “videos” per se. At the moment, I don’t have a lot of text-only content (articles, guest posts, thinkpieces, etc) but what I have you can find in here–along with other forms of Topless Topics content, as defined below.

An easy place to access the Topless Topics livestream, if you don’t wish to directly tune in either straight on Twitch or Plexstorm! (Also where you can find links to recordings of past streams, once I find a video host that won’t hold my content hostage unless I fork over an arm and a leg to pay for “bandwidth”…

A place to easily find a link to each episode (and the RSS feed URL) for the all-new Topless Topics Podcast! (Wherein we’ll test how many people are interested in hearing Cleo’s opinions without the clickbait of her breasts!)

The home for the “Day in the Life of a Topfree Activist” webcomic (name also subject to change if I can come up with a more catchy one…are you sensing a theme here?). Not currently updated all that frequently, but if you’d like an update whenever a new page is up, please follow the social media platforms of your choice linked to on our Contact Page!

“Blog” style guest posts, reposts-with-commentary from other sources for online journalism, “thinkpieces” about world events and/or topic-based like sexuality and nudism, etc.

Here is where you’ll find all the content that is created not just by Cleo (founder and host of Topless Topics) but other members of the Topless Topics community as well–as well as links where you, yourself can get involved!

What even is #freethenipple? If women are allowed to show their breasts in public, then shouldn’t men be allowed to grab them? IS Cleo really just an ugly SJW who can only get attention by pretending to be interested in promoting topless equality? These and other (always expanding) frequently-asked-questions can be answered here! (Also a good primer if you have just stumbled in here and haven’t the faintest clue what’s going on). Also includes a “glossary,” with quick breakdowns of words, tags and terms you’ll frequently see used in my videos and social media posts.

Subsections within the “FAQ” page include:

  • A detailed “how to help” guide for those of you who really want to boost the Topless Topics signal by creating your own social media posts to share new content (that won’t get banned along with the original posts if you merely retweet/share an existing post!)
  • A screenshot-dump of “Every Time Topless Topics Has Been Banned,” for the “you’re lying, youtube/facebook/etc don’t take down posts with female nipples in them, I know it because one time I saw a female nipple on the platform that wasn’t yet banned” crowd

All the best and as-yet-unbanned places for you to follow and interact with Cleo, as well as the rest of the Topless Topics community. If you care about sharing the “topless equality” mission, and/or find these videos useful and/or amusing, please feel free to share links to Topless Topics content far and wide! (Seriously. When my posts and videos aren’t outright banned, they’re “shadowbanned” (aka can only be located by direct links, will not show up on search results, hidden from general timelines, etc) so the only way Topless Topics can ever reach new viewers is if you, the person reading this right now, feel compelled to share links to it on your own social media and word of mouth! Pretty please 😀

Hey, look, if I was independently wealthy with my own live-in nanny and all the free time and energy in the world to create and run the whole of Topless Topics completely pro bono, I would! Alas, idealism doesn’t pay the bills, and since all my content (when not outright banned) is disabled from monetization (those little ads that pop up on youtube that you can easily click past) and literally every non-sex-toy sponsor won’t touch me with a thirty foot pole (because female nipples = hardcore porn, don’tcha know) then I’m reliant on direct donations and “merch sales” (more on that below)

This is where you can help maintain and improve Topless Topics AND get something in return for your money! Given the lack of funding for overhead costs behind mass-produced merch (like preordering a large stack of t-shirts printed by a third party company) yet a stubborn refusal to use an on-demand print service where I keep one dollar off a $20 shirt, the only “products” I currently have available for purchase are digital prints from my various “Artistic Nude Fantasy Photoshoots” (I know, I hate it too, but since I’m banned from monetization ads and potential sponsors won’t reply to my emails, what else can I do?).

Given my lack of prowess at web coding (no, really! how could you tell?) the best method I can figure out for doing this at this time is to ask you to use the form at to select the photos you want to buy, then after payment goes through I’ll email you the files directly. (Or you can buy them as pay-per-posts on the Topless Topics OnlyFans page, but OF keeps 20% of each sale so direct payment is much preferred). Plans for other types of merch I’d love to offer in the “someday, maybe” fantasy realm of having more time to spend creating content for Topless Topics can be found in detail at the (aforementioned) Donation page!

If following Topless Topics on social media (and interacting with other followers) isn’t enough for you, then stop by our Discord server chatroom and make some friends! We’ve got lots of sub-rooms by subject (nudism, gaming, arts and crafts, sexuality, etc) and we promise you won’t find any toxic perverts here (you’re free to disagree politely, but ain’t nobody got time for the usual Youtube comments-level trash). It’s also the primary place where I interact with viewers during my twice-weekly livestreams!

A catch-all for fun content like “animated GIFs” created from Topless Topics videos if you want to rock the social media boat by using popular “reaction faces” etc featuring heinous female nipples! (SFW varieties are also available there)

Here’s where you can sign up for the currently-irregular-but-hopefully-someday-monthly Topless Topics Newsletter, where we round up links to new content, “community questions,” site news, and other fun stuff! Also where you can read past newsletters that went out previously, in case you’re curious about them!

All the projects, campaigns, etc that involve the Topless Topics community as a whole–our semi-monthly “Community Question” where participants submit their own video, audio or text-only responses to a general question that are later compiled into a single video to be shared on social media; “social media campaigns” like the “borrow-a-male-body” project where Cleo borrows somehow totally SFW male bodies to stand in for her heinous female nipples to make them Youtube-etc-acceptable, or the “guns not nips” campaign where we demonstrate the totally-not-insane position in United States ideology that says that weapons of mass destruction are publicly-sanitized but heinous female nipples are too scandalous to allow; and other such projects. If you’d like to know when a new campaign or project rolls out, please follow Topless Topics on social media and/or sign up for the newsletter!

Finally, if none of the above guidance helps you find what you’re looking for, you can simply use the fields to search by tag (keyword) or category, located on the sidebar for most pages as well as on the search page! If you aren’t sure what to search for, the Search page also includes a “cloud tag” where the most frequently listed tags are listed, which you can simply click to find all posts related to that tag!

Thanks for visiting the website, and I hope that the above Site Map helps guide you on your way into the tumultuous miasma that is Topless Topics!