Heya, this is a placeholder page until I have more time to flesh it out!

Basically, I wanna start an occasional video series where I reenact some of my favorite “reaction animated GIFs” and provide them in GIF form, so we can “desexualize female toplessness through repeat exposure” across the interwebs in trendy relevant animated GIF form! If you have some GIFs you want me to add to the list for recreation, you can tweet them at me on this thread: https://twitter.com/ToplessTopics/status/1086419096776785920

In the meantime, here are the animated GIFs I’ve made already! (And if you’re good at animating gifs and are willing to do the work for me if I send you the video files, please LET ME KNOW!!)

(just right click>save as the GIF you want to save and use on your own!)

Taken from THIS VIDEO, which (in depressingly hilarious irony) was immediately shadowbanned by Youtube while the targeted bullying the video is about remains untouched!: