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After years of holding off because I wanted my idea for a Topless Topics Podcast to be “perfect,” I finally decided to say F it and take a shot, and now the first “episode” (really just an intro so far) is here! You can listen below, or look up “Topless Topics Podcast” on Spotify, Itunes and more (once Anchor sends it out for approval, which might take a few weeks…)

And please use the “contact” links below the episode to share it with your friends!! (there are no heinous female nipples involved since it’s all audio, so hopefully that means it won’t keep getting banned as “sexually explicit,” for once!)

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Episode 1: (Intro) What Even is Topless Topics?

A place for Cleo of the Feminist Activism video series “Topless Topics” to discuss progressive ideals and issues, interview specialists related to such issues, as well as fun stuff like video game and movie reviews, “fill in the blank” comedic interludes created as a collaboration between Cleo and the Topless Topics community, and a whole lot more!

Episode 2: Bullets, Bans and Normalizing Nudity, oh my!

Welcome to episode two of the brand-new Topless Topics Podcast! I was in a bit of a hurry since I’m already a few days uploading this (I’m hoping to get out each new episode on the first day of each month) and I haven’t had the chance to insert an interview with a cohost/fellow podcaster yet (mainly because this month has been even more insane than usual…) but as always, I hope to do better in the next episode!

If you’d like to know as soon as the new videos I mentioned in this podcast go live (like the Puppetgirl Christine Barger “naked in American Pie 5” and the Normalizing Nudity youtube channel collaborative exchange videos) then please follow me on social media using any or all of the links at ! (Preferably on accounts other than Instagram and Facebook, because the insane frequency of how often they ban my already-super-censored posts has gone through the roof so I expect the entire accounts to be banned any day now).

Otherwise, thanks so much for listening, you can find all episodes (as I upload them) at or by searching “topless topics podcast” on the listening platform of your choice!

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