Topless Topics Livestreams

View our current livestream schedule below:

Some days I have to reschedule or cancel, some days I start early or run late, it really depends on the day. To stay up to date on each day’s livestream schedule, please follow me on Social Media:

I also announce every stream in our Discord server, which you can join here:

What goes on during Topless Topics livestreams?

Activities during livestreams ranges depending on what the viewers ask for and what I feel like doing that day. Some possible activities include:

  • During “SFW” streams on Twitch and Youtube (so, violence and hate speech are fine, just no heinous nonsexual female nipples visible):
    • Let’s playing video games (past games include Elden Ring, Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil, Control, small indie games, and more)
    • Karaoke/singing requests
    • SFW digital illustrations
    • Making/Crafting Topless Topics T-shirts and other hand-made merch
    • “Ask Me Anything” requests or “just chatting” about whatever subject
  • During “NSFW” streams on Joystick:
    • Let’s playing adult/erotic games like Being a Dik and Lust from Beyond
    • (more) karaoke/singing requests ;p
    • NSFW digital illustrations (containing female nipples, possibly genitals)
    • Editing my Topless Topics vlogs, rants and interviews

Please note that even though my Joystick streams are “NSFW,” that does NOT mean I will ever be performing sexually explicit acts during them. As much as I support sex workers, I am not a sex worker myself, and will never show myself doing sexual acts, no matter how much “longtime fans” offer to pay me. There are plenty of sites that offer such services, go bother them instead ;p

The reality is that, unfortunately, the only places I CAN stream with any female nipples visible are sites that allow full-scale porn, like Joystick. Maybe someday I’ll be able to establish enough funding to host my own videos and livestreams, and never have to worry about getting censored/banned nor forced to share a platform with actual sex workers again. Speaking of funding:

How to Help Topless Topics Create More/Better Content

Throughout the entirety of my content-creating career, I have been the sole host, recorder, editor, uploader, promoter, organizer, manager, graphic designer, etc etc etc behind every piece of Topless Topics content you’ve ever seen–videos, livestreams, graphics, written posts, social media alerts, interaction with viewers, all of it. Very few times have I hired outside help (almost exclusively just to help with website design, which I have no skill for) and these business relationships did not last (due to a variety of reasons).

Still, it’s my dream to someday establish a small “team” to help me create better and more frequent content–I’ll still be in charge of all creative control, as well as the actual hosting, but it would be awesome to have someone (familiar with my style of editing) to cut down the rambly parts and fit videos into a better time schedule (instead of three hour rants ;p), as well as a social media manager who can take over the tedious and time-consuming task of creating and scheduling every “new video available” or “upcoming livestream!” etc post.

And as you’d imagine, hiring people like this takes money. Which, if you want to help Topless Topics evolve, is where you come in.

Given that Topless Topics is constantly “banned from every platform you’ve heard of and some you haven’t,” the usual “free” methods of funding that are available to capitalism-friendly content creators–namely, video ads and sponsorship deals–are not an option for me. When my videos aren’t banned outright, they’re shadowbanned (hidden from search results, requires an 18+ login to even find out they exist, etc), and my various social media accounts are blacklisted from monetization, etc. Furthermore, even for sponsors that might not be so adverse to being associated with someone categorized as a “sex worker” like me (such as adult toy manufacturers and ‘edgy’ beer breweries), they are disinclined to answer my sponsorship inquiries, because my viewership is so spread out on different platforms (especially on platforms with no public viewership stats, like Peertube), that they don’t think it’s worth their time to bother.

Hence why I’m dependent on soliciting donations from you, the topless equality supporter (and/or whatever causes I’m advocating for that you also support), directly. Currently I have these methods available for helping Topless Topics out financially:

  • Become a monthly donor on Patreon, a website that lets you pay money directly to a creator, with only a nominal fee taken out by Patreon itself (nothing like getting gouged by OnlyFans’ 25% cut):
    • Patreon donors can get different perks based on what amount they decide to donate monthly. The lowest is $2/month, and goes up to $25/month, which includes perks like “select a free artistic nude digital photo” and “enter a $25 gift card giveaway”
    • You can cancel your Patreon membership at any time, and will only be charged for that month
    • I may also (if I can find people to hire to take some of the behind-the-scenes workload off my shoulder) start doing more Patreon donor-only events, like donor-only livestreams and video topic suggestions
  • Make one-time donations through Paypal or CashApp
  • Purchase Artistic Nude Digital Photoprints through Gumroad:
    • As I have time to re-edit and upload artistic nude photos in the proper format for Gumroad, more options will become available
    • New prints available are announced on social media, so again I encourage you to follow me on the platforms of your choice: https:///
    • If/when I can fundraise enough to hire a new photographer, I will be doing more artistic nude photoshoots in the future. Some themes I’d love to explore are: – UV-reactive body paint, black/white contrast, fantasy-creature inspired costumes, (nonsexual) collaborations with other artistic nude models, etc. If you are or know of any skilled, affordable, respectful photographers experienced with tasteful nude photography in the Portland, OR area, let me know!
  • Purchasing handmade Topless Topics merchandise, such as T-shirts branded with topless equality-supporting and/or comedic phrases and icons
    • Currently I’m so swamped with all the other technical and time-consuming aspects of creating and maintaining Topless Topics that I haven’t had time to start fulfilling T-shirt orders, but you can check out the designs I’ve made so far here: