Topless Topics Chat

Chat with Cleo and other Topless Topics followers! Rooms broken up by topic so you don’t have to feel overwhelmed! You can preview the chatroom in the widget below, and join through Discord if so desired by clicking here!

I’m also looking for trusted supporters to volunteer as moderators to help me keep the trolls under control, so if you’re interested in that, please send a DM to Ceridwen#6967 (that’s me) on Discord!

Are you a Patreon donor trying to figure out how to attach your Patreon account to the Discord role that allows you to take part in our Tues/Thurs behind-the-scenes NSFW livestreams? You can follow this guide here!

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(You will be taken to an Invitation link where you can make a free Discord account if you don’t already have one and join the chat there)

Chatroom Rules

Please consider the rules to be an evolving creature, shifting in form and function as the need arises to coalesce between keeping communication open and engaging without giving free reign to trolls and instigators (something that pretty much every major social media platform also seems to struggle with)…

That is to say, most situations are judged on a case-by-case basis, but here are some general guidelines that should keep you from accidentally running afoul:


  • Talk about pretty much any topic, as long as you use the appropriate room for it (#general-chat for anything to do with Topless Topics, #gaming for game-related topics and queries, #collaboration if you’re interested in creating a video or other project, etc – if you’re not sure what’s most relevant, you can ask in #off-topic to get started!)
  • Once you’ve been coming to the chatroom semi-regularly and have established that you’re not just a casual troll, you’ll be given a @role with higher permissions that will then allow you to post embedded images and links, etc. If you feel that you’ve reached this point and deserve a higher role, you can ask for a review in the main #discussions channel and a mod will review and decide when they’re able to. If the answer is “not yet,” don’t take it personally, we just want a little more time to get to know you and make sure you’re not just showing up to start flame wars. 🙂
  • You can have heated disagreements in the chatroom(s), but please let’s keep the ad hominems and other types of insults out of it. For instance, you can say “I think that’s a stupid viewpoint” but DON’T say “I think you’re stupid.” Resorting to ad hominems just makes your own point look weak and lacking in evidence, so if your goal is to change someone’s viewpoints, insulting their character is not the way to do it!
  • Questions for Cleo in particular can be asked, but I can’t and won’t promise to answer them quickly or at all. Many of the questions you might have are already answered in my FAQ video ( or I’ve deliberately avoided answering it because I don’t feel it’s any of your business to know the answer. If you have general questions about your own or sex/relationships in general, you can ask them in the #relationships chatroom, but please keep in mind this chatroom is not a dating service or a porn site, so no sexual roleplaying or specific personal questions (like, “what is your bra size?”) will be tolerated. 

Not Allowed:

  • Linking to any sites containing porn/explicit sexual activity, warez, gore, phishing/spam, etc. (If you aren’t sure what counts as “porn” or not, ask in the main chat!) Please limit self-promotion links to the #collaboration room, and you must be presenting a specific idea or appeal for collaboration, not just “here’s my youtube channel, check me out!”
  • Specific attacks against a person or group’s sexual orientation, race, etc. You can speak generally about these topics if done in a respectful way (e.g. “I have a hard time talking to women”), but comments like “I think [racial perjorative] are all [adjective]” will get you a strict warning if not a ban, depending on severity. Also, no concern-trolling/sealioning, please. You know if you’re being pedantic or not, and we’re not interested in entertaining the usual “goalpost moving” that results in the degradation of most other online social communities.
  • Spamming the same or similar comments within a quick amount of time, especially anything running afoul of the above points. A hit-and-run of spamming every room with a link to your channel then disappearing will result in a ban, since it’s clear you’re not interested in becoming a valid member of the Topless Topics community. You’re a lot more likely to encourage people to actually check out your content if you become a regular poster anyway, so why not try that first?

Not Sure if Your Question/Comment is Allowed?

The general maxim is “when in doubt, leave it out,” but if you have a burning question or comment that you really want to share but aren’t sure if it’s allowed, you can explain the gist of what you want to post in #general-chat (don’t post the actual link, just summarize it like “here is a link to (whatever), is it okay for me to post this?”) and mods will let you know if it’s okay or not to post. If they say no, or you do not yet receive a response, please refrain from posting it.

Thanks for reviewing the rules, and I hope to see you become a member of the Topless Topics community!