What is Topless Topics?

In a nutshell, Topless Topics is a video series containing vlogs, interviews, event coverage, game and movie reviews, parenting tips, creative arts tutorials and a whole lot more, all with the perspective of “showing you what a nonsexual topless woman looks like, so your only visual association with female nipples isn’t involved in an actual sexual act!”

It’s also, ironically, my attempt at exposing and fighting against the virulently misogynistic and transphobic ideas behind online censorship as it pertains to “female-looking nipples” (or “female-presenting nipples” as the meme goes) but not “male-looking nipples.” For my ever-expanding collection of screenshots of the countless times I’ve been banned on every online platform you’ve heard of and some you haven’t, visit my banned page! https://www.toplesstopics.org/banned

Sounds great, but where are all the nipples?!

If you aren’t already following me on all my (as-yet-unbanned) social media links, recently I’ve been going through a firestorm of censorship and blackmailing that has made it impossible for me to upload even heavily censored versions of my nonsexual female nipples anywhere that doesn’t specialize in hardcore porn (like pornhub, redtube, etc) which (so far) I refuse to do.

To summarize it quickly:

  • After nearly a decade of paying them a thousand dollars a year for a “premium” account to upload my uncensored nonsexual topless videos there, Vimeo decided to try blackmailing me over claims of “using more bandwidth than 99% of the other users on the site” and demand I pay them thousands more PER MONTH. Instead, I elected to delete my entire account.
  • Shortly after I deleted my Vimeo, Youtube abruptly banned the entirety of my alt account “Topless Topics Show” for “severe and repeated violations of the community guidelines,” despite having NO former strikes and every video on the channel already being HEAVILY CENSORED! They didn’t even give me an option to appeal–when I tried the form, it simply told me that no such account existed, and if I was getting that message, that it meant the channel had already been deleted and there was no way to undo it.
  • After some deliberation of what in the hell I can do now, I elected to wipe all even “implied” topless videos from my original Topless Topics TV youtube account, and use the account to keep spreading the word about topless equality, but to do so from now on clothed, until such a time as nudists and other nonsexual nudity supporters get our shit together enough to establish our own platform that understands the difference between nudity and sex, and doesn’t pidgeonhole nonsexual female nipples alongside hardcore pornography, and (ideally) doesn’t embrace nazis and conspiracy theorists as well under the nebulous umbrella of “free speech.” You can support nonsexual nudity without supporting nazis–trust me, it’s possible.
  • But until that happens (don’t hold your breath), I’ll be occasionally posting clothed videos to Topless Topics TV as the mood strikes (with the understanding that it’s only a matter of time before the same dedicated cabal of haters that have gotten all my other accounts banned find an exploit in the algorithms to get that channel banned as well). Mainly I’ve been doing semi-daily vlogs again, just off-the-cuff unedited 5 to 20 minute videos talking about what happened in my life recently, stuff that matters with me, new banned account updates, etc.
  • As for all the old videos I’ve deleted off the as-yet-unbanned accounts, I still have them saved to my harddrive, just waiting for a (nonsexual, non-nazi-coddling) platform to upload them to. Until such time, I may try a few tactics like taking just the audio and putting it over some stock nature footage or something equally ridiculous (but again, I’m sure my cabal of haters will get that banned, too). We’ll see!

Honestly though I’ve poured so much time, energy, money and emotional bandwidth into Topless Topics over the past ten years that maybe it’s time for me to take a real break for a while. I have two young boys who have been going ever more wild with the boredom of bad weather and the pandemic, my mom died in February (leaving a gigantic financial mess I don’t even know how to handle), leaving my dad very depressed and helpless, and I’m just worn ragged even outside of the constant Topless Topics bans and other bullshit. Plus it would be fun to get back to some “uncontroversial” content like silly family-friendly videos following my adorable kids’ escapades, and violent video games.

I’m a little hesitant to link to my non-topless-topics-unrelated channels here (so I don’t increase the chances my cabal of haters floods there and falsely flags those videos, too) but if you have an interest in video games and/or cute kid content, then use one of the forms of contact on my contact page to reach out to me and I’ll let you know how to find them!

~the following sections are defunct until I find a suitable video host for my heinous female nipples. You can find the recent clothed ones on my remaining as-yet-unbanned Youtube channel Topless Topics TV, but all topless videos, censored and not censored, are at this point in time unavailable anywhere on the internet. Thanks, haters!~

Sounds great! Now what?

Well, that depends on what interests you! First of all, you might like to…

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If you have some idea of the types of videos that might interest you, like “feminism” or “video games” or “cats,” you can type it in the search bar just above this paragraph and see what content comes up!

Or, you can view posts by category using the following links:

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(coverage of actual events, like the annual Portlant Slutwalk Feminist Protest March, LGBTQ+ Comedy shows, and more!)


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You may have noticed that Topless Topics has accounts all over the place, and unfortunately I’m having to constantly remake social media accounts as I get banned over and over for the simple unpermittable sin of having visible female nipples. So keeping all my social media links unbroken is a lot of work, forget about even reading all the messages I get on each platform!

So for my own sanity, the social media links I check the most often (at least until they get banned as well) are Twitter and Instagram. If your inquiry or comment is too long for those public mediums, you can email me here, but please keep in mind that I’m just one sole person behind ALL content creation and social media maintenance behind Topless Topics, and I also get a LOT of hatemail and spam to sort through, so it may take me a really long time to see your message! If you have something really urgent, you can always email it to me, then let me know on Twitter and/or Instagram that you sent the email so I know to look for it! (If the email is an insult or sexual demand, I’m just gonna block you, so why waste the time?)

Even if you aren’t much for using social media, I am super appreciative if you could follow and engage with my posts on any and all platforms that you do use, since the more “engagement” my content shows, the more often the algorithms will recommend my content to new viewers, so the bigger my channel can grow, so the more resources I can devote to making bigger and better videos and content….you get the point! So at the risk of sounding annoying, please always like, share, subscribe, etc any and all of my social media posts, on every platform that you use–it helps me out more than words can describe!

Here is our ever-expanding FAQ, including every question, comment, insult and “compliment” we so often hear on our videos!

In the future I will be making a series of Topless Topics FAQ videos, but for now here is a channel trailer that gives and overview of what Topless Topics is all about:


I will be filling this page out more in the future whenever I have time (lol like that ever happens) but for now, allow me to post this screenshot of a question I am frequently asked:




Page is obviously under construction, and the MOST frequent FAQs will be addressed in one (or maybe a series) of actual videos soon, but for now, feel free to submit your question/comment using the form below and it will be added into consideration! Don’t say anything you would be ashamed of if it gets put into public!