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Topless Topics Tech Tutorials: Digitally Editing Nude Photography in Photoshop for Etsy!




Topless Topics Tech Tutorials: Create a Branded Video Backdrop Banner! (For Youtube, Vimeo and more)

Topless Topics Tech Tutorials: Creating a Youtube Channel Art Banner in Photoshop CC

Each video is available through Vimeo On Demand, and remains yours to view forever after one simple payment of $1 (Patreon donors of all levels get access to all tech tutorials as they become available). If you’d like more information on what funding goals the $1 goes to, please review the Donation page here!

As I have time and funding to create more tech tutorials, I hope to cover many aspects of social media account maintenance and branding, tips and tricks for the Adobe Suite especially Photoshop and Illustrator, and more! You can also request specific tech tutorials using the form below~

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