Product/Media Review Submissions

This is a placeholder until I have time to put together a proper form! For now, please email and include the following information:

-name of product

-type (art supplies, game, study app, whatever)

-do you own/represent the makers of this product, or are you suggesting something not owned by you because you want an honest review of it?

-are you offering payment? (make sure you note the bottom option if so)

-How are you going to send me this product to be reviewed? Is it a digital code (like for a game), or a physical product (which you can mail to a PO Box)? If it’s just something you’re a fan of and you want to know my opinions about it, please note that in the questions above.

-Do you have a deadline for when you want the review to be produced?

-What specific points of the product do you want included in the review?

-Do you acknowledge that Topless Topics is not obligated to express dishonest praise for your product, if the reviewer does not honestly feel that way? If you wish to submit your product for review but not have a review produced if the reviewer finds the product to be dissatisfactory, you can say “yes” then stipulate this desire in your review description