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How to help me run Topless Topics


Hey there, thank you for your interest in helping me run Topless Topics. As anyone who follows me on social media has probably already gleaned, I (Cleo) am currently the sole creator, promoter, moderator, filmmaker, editor, designer, etc etc etc for all Topless Topics content–from the props in my videos (and of course the videos themselves) to all the social media posts on accounts I have to keep remaking because of inevitable bans for posting #freethenipple pics, to recording and editing events in the public, to (trying to) operate this website, and everything else besides.

Not to mention I’m the stay-at-home mom to these little demons! Who I love to pieces, but who take up a LOT of time and work to keep alive!


Which is not to say that over the years, I haven’t had friends and freelance professionals step in on occasion to help me out with certain tasks. For instance, David of Beloved Zeal Photography was incredibly kind to step in and donate his time and expertise in helping me create the Spring Nymph Nude Photoshoot that helps me finance things like this very site.


However, there are a million minutiae tasks that go into creating and maintaining Topless Topics, and it’s been a struggle figuring out how to delegate some of those tasks to volunteers without miscommunication or indeed paving the way to sabotage the whole thing (hence why I’m very loathe to give login info to anyone I don’t know really, really well, so please don’t take it personally if I don’t grant you access to the website as soon as you volunteer!)

So I’m putting this page together, to see if this can streamline the volunteering process a little more. I’ll be tweaking it as I figure out the best way to do everything, so if you want to be helpful to Topless Topics but none of the tasks so far listed is within your interest or purview, check back later! Or you can just email me directly with some ideas about your skillset, and I’ll see what we can work out!

To begin with, here are some of the various tasks I could really use help with:

Social Media/Promotion

  • embed and share new social media posts to alert followers to new videos, articles, upcoming events and livestreams, etc
  • Help me write out the Newsletter to send out to subscribers. It’s supposed to be semi-weekly, but I have such a hard time keeping on schedule with this that it tends to go out every few months instead!
  • moderating comments on the many, many social media accounts for Topless Topics, answering commonly asked questions, banning trolls, encouraging follower engagement, etc.
  • liking and sharing Topless Topics social media posts to your own accounts to help get the word out about the work we do here–anyone with a social media account can do this! (Just be aware that sharing any pictures featuring a topless woman, even breastfeeding, even just an autogenerated url thumbnail, to the vast majority of social media platforms–especially Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Tumblr and more–can and most likely WILL get you banned)

Video/Picture Editing

(As a graphic designer/illustrator I prefer to do most of this work myself, but as the channel hopefully grows and my workload grows ever expanded, I would sure appreciate some assistance from those willing and able!)

  • Coming with me to record events to be a helping hand, must be near Portland, OR unless we’re meeting at an out-of-state event like Vidcon
  • Compiling highlight/”best of” reels of past videos, creating shorter versions of long videos I don’t have time to edit down myself
  • Creating animated GIFs out of short video clips which I will happily send you (animated gifs are fun, and a great way to get Topless Topics content out there! Besides, there’s definitely an untapped niche for non-pornographic topless reaction gifs!)

Website Maintenance

(this is a big one, as this definitely falls outside of my knowledge!)

  • Helping me figure out how to reorganize/add content to the website that goes beyond the limited parameters of the WordPress theme without breaking the whole site (I know it would be faster to just hand you the reins immediately, but please understand I have to be careful who I give out passwords to, plus it’s more useful for me to learn these skills for myself!)
  • Setting up automized processes that will make it a ton more easier and efficient for me to post about new videos and other content
  • Tapping into SEO etc. to help us reach more people, and perhaps get around various shadowbans etc.

Everything Else

I say this a lot, but the biggest help everyone can be, regardless of existing skills, is to provide engagement on everything I post–this means liking, sharing, retweeting, reblogging, hashtagging and all else you might want to do on your various social media accounts–I am loathe to sound annoying about this, but the reality is that I don’t have the time to keep doing this all on my own, I’m not going to waste money on buying fake views, and worst of all I’m constantly falling prey to “shadowbans” where my content isn’t outright deleted but is removed from search results, requires an 18+ account login to view, etc. So sharing my content to your own pages does wonders to help me get the word out and hopefully attract more followers who are like-minded to the #freethenipple cause, or maybe are just interested in the many other subjects that my content talks about! (Unlike the gibbering perverts that seem to be pretty much all I’ve been able to find on my own… x.x)

Again I have to caveat, however, that if you share #freethenipple content to your social media pages, you bear the risk of having your whole account banned–so please proceed with caution! Feel free to delete auto-generated thumbnails if sharing a link that includes a topless picture, or just share the already-existing social media posts with pre-censored pictures in them!

How to Get Started Helping

Finally, let’s talk about the best ways for me to get in contact with you, so I can start putting you to work! :p This is something I’ve been struggling with, as it’s hard to keep track of multiple volunteers with multiple skillsets and availability to work (in multiple time zones, to boot!). If you’re really unsure, you can email me directly and we’ll figure out something from there. Or, here are some alternative methods:

  • Join our MeWe group and look for posts that specifically call for Volunteers
  • Join our new Discord channel and join the sub-room titled #volunteers
  • If you’re interested in social media engagement, you can start whenever, just start sharing posts, replying to everything, etc.! (Feel free to take on trolls on my behalf as well, nothing warms my heart like seeing a feisty reply to some idiot telling me to do something foul :p)
  • Take a look at the Topless Topics Tasks google document where I list various tasks etc I need help with, then use one of the above methods to let me know you’re ready to be of assistance

Or, you can fill out this form:

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This helps me know who I can delegate more or less work to, and coordinate tasks and events that occur at a specific date and time!