Topless Topics Crowdfunding: Let Cleo Livestream While Topless with Vimeo!

Originally shared via Twitter after dealing with the troublesome setup of yet another dummy Youtube account because of how often social media websites ban me, I was inspired to start looking into setting up a crowdfunding project through Kickstarter, GoFundMe, or whichever other popular crowdfunding platform enough users recommend to try to get to a $1000 in donations so I can upgrade to a Vimeo Premium account and finally have the ability to livestream topless/nude (STILL NOT SEXUALLY EXPLICIT, EVER) without having my stuff get censored/banned at the drop of a hat!

More info below…

Main Goal:

  • $1,000 for a year of Vimeo Premium, so I can livestream topless and nude content without fear of getting banned yet again (STILL NOTHING SEXUAL/PORNOGRAPHIC. EVER.)

What could I do with a Vimeo Premium account, you may ask?

Well! To begin with, that includes 7 TERABYTES of total storage, meaning I’d most likely never have to worry again about running out of space for new video uploads! It also means 4k and HDR support, so further down the line after I have a regular babysitter, my own recording studio, etc., I can invest in much better equipment and start streaming and recording in super-high-def. There are lots of other features that come with Vimeo Premium, read about them here:

As for the livestreamed content itself, I have lots of ideas that I want to try out already, stuff like:

  • scheduled “meet the fans” live chats, with fun group activities (like maybe the Werewolf game or an online Dungeons and Dragons campaign? Watch a streaming show at the same time? Who knows!) 
  • regular video game streams, including fan-requests (like, I presume, lots of indie horror games so you sadists can enjoy hearing me scream my head off because I’m such a sucker for jump scares -_-)
  • livestreams of public events and protests, especially if I can find an assistant to hold the camera etc. for me (in the meantime I can awkwardly use a selfie stick and try not to feel like a self-important poseur…)
  • behind-the-scenes streams as I record videos to edit, edit said videos, art/drawing videos while I work on pages for the Life of a Topfree Activist webcomic, fulfill handmade art stretch goals (see below), and so on!

Possible stretch goals (approximate amounts, subject to change after I do more research)

  • $2,000 hire a photographer to do another artistic nude photoshoot, and get a copy of all pictures if you donate at least a certain amount (like $50)
  • $5,000 to hire a babysitter for ten hours a month, so I can schedule set times for livestreaming without being subject to the availability/health of my husband and family that can and often does change on a whim
  • $10,000 to build a recording/editing studio shed in the backyard, greatly increasing my ability to record and edit and livestream without having to deal with the kids (parents are able to babysit a lot more if I’m nearby enough to help if an emergency arises/I need to change diapers/etc, but far enough away that I can lock the door and insulate the walls to tune out their crying/screaming. Also a much more professional background to invite honored guests for cohosted videos!)
  • $50,000 finance going to nudist-related conventions (or video creator conventions like Vidcon) and do interviews with fans and other activists (maybe some famous creators who support what I do? idk)
  • Smaller goals/rewards I need to spend more time thinking about–stuff like branded merchandise (sports bras, coffee mugs, thumb drives, etc), drawings/crossstich/beadwork/etc handmade by me, custom one on one videos maybe (BUT NO PORN EVER, AND I’LL END THE CALL IF YOU START MASTURBATING OFF CAMERA AS ALWAYS SEEMS TO HAPPEN, FOR CHRISSAKES), etc….?

Right now this page is just gonna serve as a sort of brainstorming list while I put more thought into how I can and should set this up, and if it’s even worth it. If you think a crowdfunded project like this is a great idea and you wanna suggest something or even just share your support, then please email me your thoughts/suggestions/etc! And stay subscribed to me on social media for future updates/posts about this and other news! Social media links below:

Thanks and bye for now!