Social Media Breastfeeding / Free The Nipple Experiment: #CuteBabyGraphicPorn!

Social Media Breastfeeding / Free The Nipple Experiment: #CuteBabyGraphicPorn!

Keep scrolling for instructions on how you yourself can participate in helping me ask the question “When does breastfeeding become porn?”!

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Whilst I was editing my Intro video about why/how I’m going to be reviewing Children’s Books, I came up with this idea of splicing “acceptable” breastfeeding pictures next to “graphic porn/sensitive media/adult content” pictures of my nipples visible sans baby head, to ask the question, “how much female nipple has to be hidden before this stops being porn?” Unfortunately, all my various social media accounts are already constantly under attack from shadowbanning/censorship/actual banning, so I can’t really get this content out to any new eyeballs, certainly not the movers and shakers of the censorship world that would need to be swayed to see how ridiculous this blatant sexism and misogyny is.

That’s where you come in!

Yes, you! The person reading this right now!

Odds are that you, either a longtime Topless Topics fan, a total newcomer who has no idea what’s going on, maybe even just a hapless porno afficionado in look of some questionable search terms *coughpedophilecough* have not as of yet been banned on every social media platform currently popular on the world wide web (at least, not half as much as I have). Therefore, if you were to, say, download then reupload these images and/or video to your own social media accounts, you could boost the #CuteBabyGraphicPorn signal far, far greater than little old me can!

So! In case it wasn’t clear already, what I’m asking you to do is:

Please steal this video and/or images!

That’s right! Please download them! And then please reupload them to your own social media accounts, whether that means Twitter, Facebook (good luck, FB HAAAAAAAATES WOMEN AND NONBINARY PEOPLES) or whatever else you have, so we can hopefully get this ball rolling! Of course-


In case you hadn’t heard from the nine thousand or so times I’ve ranted about it (supersaianjustsaying), (nearly) ALL social media platforms that people are actually using these days BAN WOMEN’S NIPPLES (but not men’s). Most of these platforms have been lambasted to the point where they sooooooooooooooooooorta allow female nipples to be visible, but ONLY IF A BABY IS ATTACHED and/or ONLY IF YOUR BODY HAS BEEN RAVAGED BY CANCER. But where do you draw the line between “breastfeeding” and “porno?” What exact percentage of female nipple must the baby’s head be hiding?

So my DISCLAIMER is that if you do want to take part of my #CuteBabyGraphicPorn experiment, or any kind of #freethenipple solidarity in general, BE AWARE THAT THESE WEBSITES CAN AND MOST LIKELY WILL BAN THE POST, POSSIBLY YOUR ENTIRE ACCOUNT! So if you are too attached to your page to risk having it banned over a few pixels of female nipple, then DON’T DO IT! However, if like me you find the fact that we’re so blase about this blatant gender discrimination in freakin’ 2019, then please! Post Away!!

Help me ask that question! Download these videos and/or images, and reupload them to your own social media accounts, pages, and sites!

Questions about how to download? Have some images of your own you want me to photoshop into a #CuteBabyGraphicPorn submission? Email them to me with the subject line “#CuteBabyGraphicPorn” and I’ll get to them as soon as I am able!