Topless Topics Donor-Only Chatroom

Click this link to join the Topless Topics Donor-Only Chatroom:

(You’ll have to sign up for Discord if you don’t have a login already, but it’s super easy and you can stay anonymous if you want!)

Please be aware of the chatroom rules:

  • Keep it civil, keep it kind!
    • Like many chatrooms and forums, we want to keep our community friendly instead of a toxic cesspool like so many social media platforms tend to become. You’re free to offer constructive criticism and civil disagreement, but you will be reprimanded at the discretion of the moderators for posting any comments like the following:
    • Insults and other derogatory language towards individuals or groups–like “I think gay people are (perjorative)” or “(person in the chatroom) is a (perjorative).” You really shouldn’t need more guidance than that!
    • Overtly sexualized language, especially about Cleo herself. No sexual solicitations (“would you do [blank] for me if I paid you”) or comments about body parts (“your [blank] are really sexy”) or sexual intentions (“I would love to [blank] you in the [blank]!”) You get the idea, don’t pretend you don’t understand!
    • Threats of violence or harassment of any kind.
    • Stuff that would get you banned anywhere- links to illegal downloads, child porn, etc. DON’T DO IT. YOU WILL BE IMMEDIATELY PERMABANNED. Don’t talk about this kind of shit either, okay? Just be civil.
  • Also, make use of the different chatrooms on the list to the left of the Discord screen to organize your comments by subject:
    • Go to #video-games to talk about video games
    • Go to #relationships to talk about relationships
    • Go to #nudism to talk about nudism
    • etc
  • Be aware of the settings for that room before you post “adult” material, which unfortunately includes any gender’s genitals and “female-looking nipples” because our culture cannot separate nudity from sex e.e
  • DON’T post PORNOGRAPHIC images or video to ANY room, and make sure you adhere to the above rules as far as your language. You can talk about sex-related subjects in the appropriate connotation (in the #sex-positivity-nsfw room for instance) but your comments can only be ABOUT sexual subjects in general, not describing specific acts, or sexually soliciting anyone in the room, etc. If you’re making people uncomfortable, knock it off. “When in doubt, keep it out.”
  • Other violations may result in a kick or ban at the moderators’ discretion. If you are unsure if something is allowed, you can ask about it first and Cleo and/or a mod will get back to you when we can.
  • Finally, please don’t DM me (Cleo) just to chit-chat! I am very limited in time and as much as I appreciate the support, I can’t carry on individual chats with everyone who messages me. If you have a specific question that only I can answer, you can try to ask me, but I may just ignore it if I find it inappropriate etc. If you send me images, video, or try to “call” me without asking, I’m just gonna block ya, so don’t. 🙂