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In order to cut down on trolling and spam while I figure out how to build a website, I have new forum user registration set on “manual approval,” meaning you’ll have to fill out the below form which will then be emailed to me, and when I have time I’ll review it and, if you don’t seem like a troll or a spambot, I’ll approve your registration. I hope to set up a cleaner, more automatic way of registering to the forum in the future, but I’m figuring out how to do all this as I go and making sure we’re not overrun with the sort of garbage people that the Youtube comments on all my videos are already ruined by is of paramount concern.

You should only need to register once, after which you’ll be fine to post as much as you want, as long as you follow the Forum Rules (click here to review)! Thanks for reading, and happy posting!

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