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Welcome to the page where I list songs I’m at least passingly familiar with, so that those of you requesting Karaoke videos through OnlyFans or directly through another form of payment aren’t asking for songs I’m going to be terrible at, as well as links to past karaoke songs I’ve recorded already! Feel free to contact me to suggest/ask if specific songs are within my purview–this is by no means an exhaustive list of the songs I’m familiar with, just the ones that I thought to add to this list so far!


To keep myself from getting overwhelmed with requested videos, you can ask me on social media first if I have room on my waitlist:

Or if you just want a quick rendition, you can tip for a song request during my sub-only behind-the-scenes twice-weekly livestreams! 😀

As explained in more detail at, since my mom died and both Youtube and Vimeo deleted my channels, I just don’t have the spoons left to produce any more Topless Topics content, including karaoke requests. I would like to revisit the idea of producing regular content once my kids are in school/daycare later this year, but we’ll have to see what my life is like then (if my dad ever gets his share of my mom’s retirement to afford daycare, for one).

In the meantime, you can scan the list below to see if anything interests you, and/or ask me thru my contact page if there’s a specific song you’d like to request in the future! (There are so many other songs I could add to this list, I just haven’t thought of them yet)

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Song List

(please keep in mind I’ll keep adding to this list as I think of songs I’m at least somewhat familiar with, and you’re free to contact me to suggest/ask if other songs and/or artists should be added to this list)

Comfortably-Familiar Songs

  • Most Queen songs, especially:
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • Bicycle
    • We Will Rock You
    • Somebody to Love
  • Most Madonna songs, especially:
    • Like a Virgin
    • Material Girl
    • Tell Me
    • Borderline
    • Like a Prayer
  • Most Lana Del Rey songs, especially:

Some Adele, especially:

Some Lady GaGa, especially:

Some Britney Spears, especially:

Some Aerosmith, especially:

Some Modest Mouse, especially:

Some Beck, especially:

Some Imagine Dragons, especially:

Some Evanescence, especially:

Some Weird Al, especially:

Lots of Disney, especially:

  • Most Matchbox 20 songs, especially:
    • If You’re Gone
    • 3am
    • Long Day
    • Unwell
    • Last Beautiful Girl
  • Most My Chemical Romance, especially:
    • Everything on the Black Parade Album
    • Everything on the Danger Days Album
    • Everything on the Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Album
    • Favorites: I’m Not Okay; I Don’t Love You; Teenagers; Mama
  • Some Green Day, especially:
    • Boulevard of Broken Dreams
  • Some Beatles, especially:
    • Let it Be
    • Come Together
    • Judy in the Sky
    • All You Need Is Love
    • Yesterday
  • Most Barenaked Ladies, especially:
  • All Steam Powered Giraffe, especially:
  • Game Music:
    • Portal 1- “Still Alive”
    • Portal 2-
  • Classic Balads
    • Rosemary Fair
    • Drunken Soldier

Past Karaoke Videos