Picture Picker for Patreon Donors

Hello valued patron donors, this page is intended to hopefully aid the awkward process of notifying me which of the existing digital photoshoot prints I have available to send you in fulfilling your donation benefits!

Someday when I have babysitting available so I can learn more web coding or just a million dollars to hire someone with those skills to make a more sensible method of doing this for me, we can make this process easier. For now, I’m using plug-ins to try to make this as un-awkward as possible:

Here’s How This Page Works

  • Fill out the form below to select which images you want me to send. You can fill the form out multiple times if I owe you more than 5 prints, and the prints will be emailed in the order that you submit them. If you submit more picture choices than you are owed, those additional choices will be kept in reserve for the next time you donate that tier or higher (for instance if you submit 5 choices but I owe you 3, the first 3 you select will be sent, then the other two if and when you successfully donate that tier)
  • Please make sure to use the same email that you have attached to your Patreon account, so I can check that you actually have donated that amount, since there’s nothing to stop some random person from just filling out this form and demanding I send them free pics!
  • If you have questions about how this form works, you can email me and I’ll try to answer them. Again, I apologize that this method is so clunky, but Patreon doesn’t make it any easier and I lack the web development skills to make this any more user friendly! TT_TT


Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
By checking this box, I confirm that I am a current Patreon donor and that I have already paid for the month(s) that I am seeking a digital photo reward for
If you are unsure which month(s) you have paid for, please log into your Patreon account and refer to your past patron payments. If you have not made any, then you are not eligible to receive your digital photo reward, sorry!
Must be the same email that is attached to your Patreon account so I can double-check that you have paid! You can also send me a message through Patreon to inform me that you have filled out this form so I know to look for it.
Which reward tier are you currently active under?
For reward tier descriptions and/or to sign up for one, please visit https://www.patreon.com/ToplessTopics and refer to the Tiers section on the right.
Have you been charged as a different reward tier in the past? (select all that apply)
For every completed payment to a reward tier that includes one or more digital photos to be sent to you, you must make the appropriate number of photo selections so that I know which photos to send. If you wish to wait until future photoshoots are available, simply wait to fill out this form until those photos are available, then fill it out at that time (i.e. if you pay for July but want to wait until photoshoot images become available in September to redeem your photo rewards, wait until September to fill out this form). PLEASE NOTE that if you select more than the number of owed photos in this selection screen, then you will be sent the first photos you select until the number of owed photos is reached (i.e. if I owe you five photos and you select ten photos, then I will only send you the first five photos you select). To select different photos after future patreon payments, please re-send this form so that I have a more updated count on what photos you wish to be sent. If any of this is confusing or you have questions/comments regarding digital photo reward redeeming, please email me directly at toplesstopicstv@gmail.com and I will try to help you. Do keep in mind though that I’m the sole creator and organizer for all of Topless Topics (meaning content creation, social media account upkeep, and answering all emails) so it can take me a while!
Check which images you wish to receive as your Patreon donation reward (limit 5, images will be sent in the order that they are selected) If you want to see these images in greater detail before you make your selection, please review the photo gallery attached to the bottom of this page.
If you want to see these images in greater detail before you make your selection, please review the photo gallery attached to the bottom of this page.

Digital Print  Preview Gallery

These are larger versions of the above prints. If you wish to select any of these for your Patreon donation reward fulfillment, please make your selections in the form above!

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