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Here is an embedded Google Calendar that I’ll be adding progressive/lgbtq/sex worker/body positivity/etc related events to that are taking place in the Portland, OR area. I (Cleo) will also be trying to attend as many of these as I can arrange babysitting for, so if you want to go to any of these events, please let me know at and maybe we can meet there!

If you want to suggest an event to be added to this calendar, you can suggest it using the short form below!


If you aren't sure, you can make one up!
You can list TBD if you aren't sure/the location has not yet been determined, but please don't forget to email with the location once it has been determined, or we can't add the event to the calendar!
Is it a protest? Comedy show? Meet-and-greet? What are the topics/issues that this event focuses on?
I'm much more likely to be able to attend events that I'm allowed to film and upload to Topless Topics, so please let me know in advance if I should bring my camera or not!
Is audience participation encouraged? Should attendees bring supplies? Etc!