New Series: Let’s Get Banned From…

Welcome to the landing page for my new video series idea, “Let’s Get Banned From…” ! (I don’t have any videos created in the series yet, but I’ll embed ’em here once I do!)

The idea behind this series is to make a video for each new social media, video hosting, livestreaming, etc platform that my lovely followers recommend to me, where I can see for myself how easy and secure it is to sign up, what the “community” of the place is based on the posts by other users, overall site usability, and how likely I am to use that platform regularly–for my own reference, and for yours as well!

If you have any platforms you want to submit for consideration, feel free to email it to me or use some other form of contact!

Here are a few platforms I plan to review so far:

  • MeWe (again, since I last tried it over two years ago)
  • Gab (ugh…)
  • Mastodon