NEW Invite-Only Social Media Accounts!

So as it says in the graphic above, lately all the popular social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, Youtube, Twitch, even Twitter, to name a few) have been on EVEN MORE of a warpath against my nonsexual female nipples, constantly banning my posts that are already FULLY CENSORED from my chin to my belly button (or entire body) and automatically rejecting my appeals, despite how nonsensical this all is.

Long have my loyal followers and I theorized on why I in particular seem to bear the brunt of extremist puritanical views on banning women’s bodies, while many others get away with posting FULL NUDITY and no censorship at all–even brand new accounts I’ve made have gotten banned on the same days that I made them, with “topless topics” nowhere in the title, and no clear link to my existing content.

So the only theory that we’ve come up with that makes any sense is that there’s a dedicated core of misogynists that hate me SO MUCH that they follow my accounts just to report any other content I make, as soon as I let my followers at large know that I’ve made it.

It sounds like a wacky conspiracy theory, but what else would explain why I get sooooo many more bans than soooo many other people? Even totally unlinked new accounts, as I have said?

So, this time, I’m gonna try something new:

I’ll keep my existing Twitter and Instagram accounts (@toplesstopics on both) but will ONLY post text-only, or in rare cases, fully clothed selfies etc., so that (if logic were a real thing in social media spaces) there’d be no excuse for these platforms to continue banning me (but they probably will, because Instagram/Facebook/Youtube etc are trash).

ALL even highly censored posts, including updates about new videos etc, will be posted to new, SECRET accounts that will be INVITE ONLY–hopefully, preventing this secret cabal of haters from finding and reporting the accounts, including any other random trolls and/or aggrieved pornbots who don’t take kindly to my refusal to act out their sexual fetiish requests.

Let me be clear: invitation to these social media accounts will be TOTALLY AT MY DISCRETION, meaning I need to have had sustained interaction with you on my existing social media accounts to trust that you’re not just a random asshole who is pretending to support me just to get in and report yet more of my accounts. If you feel like we already have established rapport, you can use one of the methods of communication below to ask for access to the invite-only accounts. But DON’T GET BUTTHURT if I say no, either because I’ve had to deal with nasty comments from you in the past, or because I’ve never interacted with you. Provided you don’t turn into a raving asshole, you can always make an effort to communicate respectfully with me on my public social media accounts, and ask again in a few weeks once we’ve gotten to know each other. (Honestly, if you go all #byefelipe simply because I decline your request to join my invite-only social media accounts, that just proves that I wouldn’t have wanted you as a follower anyway)

So, if you feel like you’ve established yourself as a legitimate supporter
and would like access to my new invite-only social media accounts,
you can use any of the methods below to request access:
  • Method one: DM me directly on my public accounts
    • Send a private message to me @toplesstopics
      on Twitter or Instagram and ask for an invite
    • As it says above: we must have an established rapport/respectful relationship based off previous interactions before I will offer an invite
    • If I say no, don’t be a dick about it–just understand how frustrating it is for me to deal with constant banning of already-censored content, and this is my latest attempt at finding a way to use social media to spread the word about topless equality and normalizing nudity without constantly being silenced
  • Method two: ask me in the Topless Topics Discord chatroom
    • Join here if you haven’t already:
    • Same rules as above still apply (must have an existing relationship, don’t be a dick)
  • Method three: fill out the form below
    • (and please be patient, because I get drowned in emails so it takes me a while to get through all the messages)
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Type “none” if you don’t use Twitter
Type “none” if you don’t use Instagram
Type “none” if you don’t use Discord. You can copy your handle by opening Discord then clicking on your account name in the bottom left of the program.
You can leave blank if the answer is “none”
Finally, why do you want to be invited to follow my secret social media accounts?