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  • REPOST: #byefelipe: the #freethenipple edition

    REPOST: #byefelipe: the #freethenipple edition

  • REPOST: Pregnant & Pro-Choice

    REPOST: Pregnant & Pro-Choice

    Oh my gosh, another old video I forgot to make a website post for that was banned by Youtube for being “sexually explicit!” Guess I should have just insulted some lispy queers instead?  Originally uploaded to Vimeo on 12/20/2015 Original video description: So among other things, we got a new computer with Windows 10 on…

  • Topless Topics: Pregnant Forever

    Topless Topics: Pregnant Forever

    And now, the part of the video I actually intended to record: some of the most pressing and sucky parts of being 8 1/2 months pregnant. Lots to do with pee, for one thing. XD Watch part one about (lack of) gun control here: vimeo.com/271000497 Privacy