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  • Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #8

    Topless Topics Mailing List Edition #8

    Originally sent out 10/21/2018 Wow, look at me, getting the next newsletter out within two weeks of the last one for once! That’s because there’s so much important stuff coming up, and I want to give you all as much time to prepare for it as you can!   Biggest thing, of course, are the…

  • #TitsOut4Democracy


    Hey cats! While I was creating this video about how to use votesaveamerica.com to help you register and research your vote for the midterms, I was inspired to try out a new hashtag- #TitsOut4Democracy.  You can read this twitter thread to find out more/see more examples of #TitsOut4Democracy (including my mom and dad participating!) but the basic premise is this:  …