Topless Topics Past Livestream VODs

Here are links to all the past “NSFW” livestream VODs (video-on-demand) that I’ve been able to upload so far. Unfortunately, unlike on mainstream platforms like Twitch and Youtube, there is no easy in-house method of saving VODs–I have to record each stream directly to my drive, then spend an hour or so re-editing and re-encoding it to get it within TROM’s daily 5gb upload limit, then upload it to TROM (a process which itself can take hours since for some reason TROM’s host in Spain doesn’t like me, even with a VPN).

Hence why it takes me a while to get all my past livestreams up, especially since I’m streaming four times a week now (as of October 2023). Check my livestream page to make sure you’re up to date on how often I livestream by the time you’re reading this:

Luckily, at least until my entire accounts get wiped, you can see my “SFW”* livestreams directly on my Twitch or Youtube pages:

For my “NSFW”* livestreams, you can watch them live at:

After each stream finishes, once I have the chance to edit and upload it (see paragraph at the top) you can watch them on my “livestreams” TROM playlist:

I announce on social media and in our Discord server every time a new VOD goes up, so feel free to follow me there to see those alerts:

Currently Reuploaded VODs

PLEASE NOTE: manually updating the below list is laborious and inconvenient for me. If you’d like to see all my most recently uploaded VODS, the best way is to go to my Livestream VODs playlist on TROM:

May not be most recent! Check the TROM playlist by clicking here!