Book Reviews

Topless Children’s Book Reviews? What?!?

Watch this intro video and learn more! Yes they’re topless! No they’re not porn!

I’ll organize this page better in the future, but for now, here are the children’s book reviews I’ve done so far (book names are left out of the titles to minimize chance I’ll be googled and ordered to cease and desist by the book publishers who refuse to see these videos as anything other than pornographic!)

Topless Topics Children’s Book Reviews: Pointless Phantoms, Perturbing Porcines and Wintery Wonders from Topless Topics on Vimeo.


Topless Topics Children’s Book Reviews: a terrible public domain ripoff & helping to understand kids with autism from Topless Topics on Vimeo.




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Inspired while editing this video, I also started this fun little social media experiment I’m calling #CuteBabyGraphicPorn ! Read more about it here-