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  • New Meme- Topless Drag Queen Comparison

    New Meme- Topless Drag Queen Comparison

    Slapdash #freethenipple meme I just quickly made before I forgot the idea. Serious question though? At what point does a drag queen look feminine enough that suddenly their chests are banned from public viewing? Is it the wig, the makeup, the heels, what? Please retweet my Twitter post featuring this meme: And my Facebook post:…

  • New Webcomic Page: “New Follower”

    New Webcomic Page: “New Follower”

    Censored Version Uncensored Version All Webcomic Pages Can Be Found Here: Watch the livestream recording where I drew this page here: Here’s a new webcomic page detailing something in my life as a Free The Nipple activist that happens multiple times a day x.x I’ve debated at times if I should just allow…