New Webcomic Page: “New Follower”

New Webcomic Page: “New Follower”

Censored Version

Uncensored Version

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Here’s a new webcomic page detailing something in my life as a Free The Nipple activist that happens multiple times a day x.x

I’ve debated at times if I should just allow the perverts to follow me anyway so that I have higher follower numbers (and therefore, hopefully, a better chance of being recommended to new viewers who might be receptive to the topfree equality message) but so far I just can’t stomach being treated like porn no matter what I say or do.

Of course, actual porn producers are different than pornbots who just retweet/share others’ created porn–I have a few followers who are porn actors/producers/etc and I even have regular conversations with them (not about porn, usually). Such as @Edyn_Blair, who I have a (topless!) video interview with here:

Ironically (or maybe not that ironically) actual porn producers tend to be a hell of a lot more respectful (and actually know the difference between nudity and sex!) than those who just retweet porn.

Below is the livestream where I drew and painted this webcomic page! You can catch my livestreams every Friday and Saturday at 1 -4 PM PST, and sometimes during unplanned livestreams throughout the week, here:

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