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Published on February 15, 2019

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I don’t have time to reply to every message, but I do read all of them, and will reply to direct inquiries if I can!

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this graphic I made today to post to the various social media platforms that I’ve got varying levels of Topless Topics content established to. Of course the overwhelming majority of these sites ban women’s nipples but not men’s (y’know, the whole point of these videos) so my hands are quite tied as to what I can post to them without getting banned (I often get banned anyway, just for TALKING about #freethenipple e.e). But nonetheless if you wanna help get the word out about Topless Topics, I would surely appreciate a follow on all/any platforms you use yourself, and feel free to reblog/retweet anything I post there so your own followers can check it out!

I also use some of these to just “shoot the breeze” and chat about content I’m in the process of creating/want to create, asking for fan feedback to help me figure out what I should focus on, and more. So if that interests you, then please consider following the above accounts, especially Twitter, Instagram, and now MeWe, which I use the most often! MeWe I’m especially excited about–it’s a very small service that few people use yet, but unlike Facebook and all the others, MeWe claims that 1. they will never sell your personal data for profit, and 2. they understand (unlike 99% of the other platforms, as I’m often lamenting) that “nudity” is not interchangeable with “sex” and so there’s a growing community of nudists that have really been singing MeWe’s praises. Of course, I don’t think women’s nipples should be considered “nude” if men’s nipples aren’t, but until our society and the advertisers that profit from it come around to the idea of true equality between genders, then a social media platform that allows nudity but not pornography is the best we can hope for, and I intend to use MeWe as much as I can, until it either fizzles out from lack of users or decides they’re gonna ban women’s bodies after all, a la Periscope, Youtube, and so many others!

Anywho I hope to get the next newsletter out in the next few days if possible, so if you haven’t signed up yet, you can do so here (and read past newsletters): Otherwise, hopefully see you in various forms on the various social media platforms, and/or in the next video!

Help Topless Topics Spread the Word by Following Us on Social Media!

Published on October 8, 2018

Please help spread the word about Topless Topics past all the censorship and shadowbans that prevent me from growing organically! When my accounts aren’t outright banned, my content is marked as “adult only” and hidden from search results, so the ONLY way I can grow is if you share a direct link to my content so that YOUR friends, family and followers can find my stuff!

The more you follow, subscribe, like, share, retweet, etc, the more likely others who follow you will see the link and hopefully become a Topless Topics supporter as well!

If you’d like to help me attract new followers even more easily, here’s an easy peasy graphic updated in November 2019 for you to share to the social media platform of your choice to help get the word out about Topless Topics!

Censored version:

Uncensored version:

It’s an unfortunate reality in this digital age that, short of lightning striking with an unexpectedly viral video that ends up with you being interviewed on The Ellen Show or something similar, the only way to grow your presence online is through self-promotion, self-promotion, self-promotion. Add to that the extra layer of difficulty in trying to promote yourself when you stand for something instantly “controversial” as female nipples which will get you banned immediately on pretty much every popular social media website out there, and yeah… “You’re gonna have a bad time” [/oldmeme]

At this point in the Topless Topics lifestyle, I’ve come to grips with the fact that the only way I’m going to grow this “brand” enough to actually effect positive changes on the topless equality front (not getting banned from every major website for posting exactly the same amount of “nudity” as a male would be a great start) is if I grit my teeth and play by the rules of the patriarchy enough that I can keep my content up on the various social media platforms that everyone and their mom currently uses.

To that end, I’ve made this page to simply list out all my current social media platforms, and hoping that anyone reading this page will help me spread the word by liking/following me on each one. Please note that this website ( will remain my primary focus on sharing new content, since it’s the only one I can even remotely control whether or not I get banned, as previous experience shows even censored content of mine can and will be spontaneously obliterated if enough trolls report it. So as long as you’re checking in here regularly (and/or you’re signed up for the semi-weekly Topless Topics Mailing List), the rest of these links are just to help me reach more new viewers.

Okay, enough preamble. Here are all the links I can think of, and I will add to this list as new accounts are made/old ones are permabanned:




  • Since I started my boycott of Facebook at the start of 2018, I became very active on Twitter as my primary social media platform (even though even Twitter has been censoring all my content as “sensitive media” for several years now, thanks to angry Trumpers reporting me for…you guessed it…female nipples in my profile pic.) However you should know I post to it a lot, I mean A LOT, primarily about politics so don’t follow me if you don’t want to get spammed and/or are a fan of Republicans :p



  • Mostly just pictures of stuff I find interesting/cute, but occasional screenshots of especially inventive hatemail, announcements whenever I’m about to livestream, etc.:


  • So many people kept asking about Snapchat that I finally made one, but I’m keeping it $25+ patreon donor only so I have less of a risk of getting shut down by trolls: (read more about it in the reward tier descriptions on the right)



Methods of Financial Support

  • The most up-to-date listing of ways you can financially support Topless Topics is on the actual Donation page:
  • However, if you want to subscribe/bookmark directly, here’s the Etsy store, where you can purchase digital prints for now, and hopefully soon a wider variety of physical goods, like handmade bracelets, signed prints, one-of-a-kind polaroids and Topless Topics branded merchandise:
  • There’s also the Patreon, where you can sign up for different reward tiers based on your financial ability and/or what you’re interested in receiving:


Know of a social media platform that Topless Topics isn’t present on yet and you think I should make a page there? Email me and let me know!

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