Here’s where to find my NSFW content from now on~

Hey guys, I wanted to give an update on the status of where you can find my heinous female nipples for the time being.

So, some quick updates on the significant changes in my life going on currently:

– as per my explanation at Vimeo has decided to hold my account hostage, claiming that I am “using more bandwidth than 99% of the other users of the site” even when I restrict access to only a handful of my videos. I tried setting all my videos to “only me” (meaning only my logged on account can see them) only to find out today that somehow Vimeo glitched (the website has always been a buggy mess so I’m not too surprised) and reset almost all my video privacy back to “anyone’ so I accidentally accrued 60k views this past month (which would be a drop in a bucket on Youtube, but Vimeo actually PUNISHES you for getting views!) I had hopes of striking a deal with Vimeo where they simply limited my bandwidth usage or something rather than extort me for ever growing amounts of money, but given this last outrage, I’ve given up on Vimeo entirely and have requested they delete my entire account.

-this means that, until I’m so desperate as to host my videos on an actual adult content website (which is not the case, nor do I think it ever will be), the only place you’ll be able to find my heinous female nipples during my weekly Plexstorm livestreams (every Saturday 3-7pm PST at ) which unfortunately I have nowhere to upload after the livestream for others to view after they stop streaming live

-The goal is, one of these days, to rent my own hosting directly through AWS or something similar, where I can set my own bandwidth limits (but bandwidth would be way cheaper than paying vimeo to hold my content hostage anyway) and embed them to the website (as well as here, if Patreon allows me to embed from non-youtube-or-vimeo websites) so people can actually find them. But that will cost money both for the renting and to hire a web developer to install the process (because I am NOT a coder and I don’t have time or energy to trial-and-error it) and frankly I don’t have the spoons to go through all that right now because:

-a couple weeks ago, the day before valentine’s, my mom lost her 15 year battle with cancer and died. This means that I no longer have her help watching my kids, as well as the added stress of trying to keep my extremely co-dependent dad from losing himself to depression and following her, and the biggest concern–my mom was unfortunately victim to a LOT of pyramid schemes and other scams over the course of her life, and left a massive, confusing, scary mess of financial and contractual chaos for me to clean up. She kept every paper she ever received and never wrote down important information where someone else could find it, so it’s going to take me literally hundreds of hours to go through it all and hopefully figure it out. Which, piled onto my already crazy schedule just keeping my young kids alive, means that it’ll take a long time for me to get through.

-all this is to say that while I might not be posting a lot on here, please rest assured it’s not laziness or apathy–I’m just strung out trying to balance so many spinning plates at once. I still have daily inspirations for projects and videos I want to record (though from here until I have my own direct hosting, no more pre-recorded content will contain heinous female nipples). I will try to remain transparent as significant new developments arise, and if you’d like more detail on all that I’m going through, I’ve started uploading new daily vlogs again:

-subscribe to for daily vlogs that explain new topless topics developments, stuff I’m going through in my personal life, etc~

-I’m also starting to focus on creating gaming-centric content, for which I’m reigniting my old CeriGotGame (previous GamesR4FITE) video game account: 

-Finally, if you like cute, wholesome content, I’m also going to be creating content with my adorable 4-year-old Link for the channel I made for him, Link’s Plays: (we need at least 100 subs before we can get a custom URL, so please subscribe!)

-Also if you didn’t hear it yet, I’m giving up entirely on dealing with the especially anti-women websites like Facebook and Instagram, meaning I am NO LONGER UPDATING THEM even with text-only posts (since even those get banned, if you’re me!) I’m aware this is going to be cutting off my potential channel growth at the knee, but I just can’t keep wasting so much energy on posts that get banned no matter how much I censor them ahead of time. Instead I hope you’ll follow me on a less-anti-women platform like Twitter (ish) and Mastodon, or any other as-yet-unbanned social media links you can find here: !

Sorry for being even busier than always, here’s hoping it’s safe and financially solvent enough soon to put my kids in daycare at least a couple days a week, which would finally free me up to get more content made <3

And again, if you’re totally starved for Cleo content in the meantime, you can find daily vlogs at and weekly nonsexual-nude gaming every saturday at ! Ta ta for now!

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