Get Paid to Record Reply Videos!

Get paid to film reaction videos on Youtube to my banned content!!

TL;DR: I’ll pay you $5 each to record “reply videos” where you introduce yourself and your thoughts to my videos, then play the audio-only versions of my videos while you sit there and react/listen.

Here’s the situation–I’m a topless equality activist who has been making videos for literally fifteen years trying to highlight the insane hypocrisy and sexism of banning “female looking nipples” as sexually explicit nudity, while “male looking nipples” get a free pass on every mainstream website and every beach and gym.

Over those years, I’ve managed to attract a small following of loyal followers who actually understand and support my mission. I’ve also gained a LOT of perverts (or as I call them, “pornbots”) who don’t pay attention to anything I say, they only brainlessly retweet my content because omg!femnips

I also have amassed what I call my “dedicated cabal of haters,” that seem to delight into following me platform to platform, mass-false-reporting my content so that it gets banned, regardless of not actually breaking any Terms of Service. It happens over and over and over, even when I change the name of my content, even when I show no hint of being topless at all.

Two weeks ago, I started a “vlog only” secondary youtube channel, where I’ve uploaded a handful of FULLY CLOTHED “daily life vlogs,” just talking about stuff like my pets, my kids, etc. Yesterday, I put up another casual vlog, only talking about how my snake is refusing to eat, how anxious I am to get my three year old in daycare so I can work on my content full time, innocent stuff like that.

And youtube just banned it as “violating their nudity policies.”


Here’s the thing–Youtube has literally no consequence for haters who mass-report content, especially when those haters get all their friends (or simply make new accounts) to pile on more and more false flags. And they don’t assign any human moderators to actually review your ban appeals unless you’re already famous, which I can’t get, because I’m constantly getting banned. So, I make a video, down it goes. Anything I post, no matter how brand-safe it is, down it goes.

I’ve begged my followers over the years to make their own original content to share my links and spread awareness about my content, but except for a very small handful, none have done it. It’s a combination of hesitancy about having others find out about their support for topless equality (outrageous idea, I know), and/or lacking the motivation to put their support where their “likes” are.

I’m desperate. I don’t know what else I can do. I use obscure platforms as well to spread my message, but NO ONE USES THEM, so no one finds my content in the first place.

This year, my mom died. She didn’t leave a huge amount of life insurance, but I’m desperate.


They won’t be scripted, and I want you to honestly give your response. You don’t even have to agree with what I’m saying–just make sure to link to my content (even just say the website, you don’t need to put it in the description) and play at least some of the audio from my videos in your response.

The steps would basically be the following:
-I make the audio-only version of my video available to a download site and you download it (or, simply play the sound of it while recording your reaction video, loud enough that those watching YOUR video can hear it)
-you record the beginning of your reply video, explain the concept (topless topics keeps getting banned so here is my support for her). Or don’t even phrase it that way–just say “I wanted to react and respond to this video by topless topics” and off you go.
-upload the video to YOUR OWN YOUTUBE CHANNEL, since the whole experiment is seeing if others’ totally unrelated channels also get banned like mine.
-after recording and uploading your video, share the link with me, and I will paypal/venmo/whatever you the money.
-repeat however many times for future videos.

-we MUST clearly establish which video you will react to, and that you will be one of the ones responding, before I pay you. I’m using a limited amount of funds (literally from my dead mom’s life insurance) to pay for these videos, so I can’t do it for everyone who responds on their own.
-the videos must have at least a thirty second intro, where you say something about my video, not simply start playing the audio without talking at all yourself.
-you must KEEP THE VIDEO UP ON YOUR CHANNEL, not delete it as soon as you get paid–if you do, I will never extend this offer of payment to you ever again.

If you happen to already be a Youtube creator with somewhat of a following, I will pay you EXTRA, $5 per 1000 subscribers you have, up to a limit of $50 per video. Since it’s so easy to buy fake followers, we’ll try this for one video on your channel, then see if the views reflect the sub count. Sorry, but I have to be aware of scammers.

Hopefully if you’ve read this far, you have at least some interest in this gig. If you have any questions or want to express interest in it, please email me and I’ll reply to you when I can. Once I have received an adequate example of this kind of video, I will share the link here so that you can see what I’m asking for.

And of course if you just want to make a reply video because you honestly agree that it’s way past time to stop telling women we’re sheksual objects no matter our situation or intent, then that’s fantastic and I’ll appreciate it so much!!

You can see my youtube channel, until the entire thing gets banned, here:

And see the uncensored versions of my old videos, as I slowly reupload them, here:

Yes, this posting is entirely legit, even though it sounds weird, I’m sure. Like I said, I’m desperate. I’m so tired of screaming into the darkness on my own.

To get started making money for filming reply videos, please contact me so we can discuss the details!

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