Topless Topics is Hiring~!

Hello! Hopefully if you’re reading this, that means you have experience and interest in possibly filling a position in keeping Topless Topics running! If so, please keep reading!

So, longtime followers of Topless Topics have likely heard me (Cleo) gripe from time to time about the sheer amount of work and effort that goes into creating and maintaining Topless Topics–sadly, very little of which currently goes into actual generation of new videos and other creative content.

Instead, 90% or more of the effort it takes to keep TT going is “grunt work”–behind-the-scenes stuff that those who aren’t familiar with being a content creator are mostly unaware of, but which are vitally important to keeping a content creator’s web presence alive, not to mention making it possible for others to find that content creator’s work.

For the 10+ years that Topless Topics has existed, I have been the sole video recorder, editor, uploader, publisher, promoter, message-responder, livestreamer, etc etc etc–EVERYTHING–for every piece of Topless Topics video, social media post, chat message, etc that has ever been put out there. Sometimes, those of you who care about the fight for topless equality, or who simply like my content and want to encourage me to keep making more of it, help me out immensely by sharing tweets/posts I’ve already made to your social media platforms of choice–or far better, create your own original posts as detailed at so that those posts aren’t subject to the same shadowbans or outright bans that my own posts almost always fall prey to. If you’d like more guidance on how you can help out that way, please check out my Promo Squad sharing initiative:

But as appreciated as those retweets are, they still require me to make the original post to be shared, and that’s a huge chunk of that aforementioned 90% of behind-the-scenes work that keeps me too occupied to actually generate new content like, say, actual videos. And though some of you have volunteered to go beyond that and actually take over some of the accounts, I can’t in good conscience ask anyone to do that much for free.

That’s why I’m creating this page–to clarify what I’m looking for, and see if it’s in the realm of affordability for me to finally hire someone to take care of some of this backend stuff, freeing me up for the creative content side.

If you’re interested in potentially filling that role, here is more info about what it is I’m aiming to hire:

~Duties of a Social Media Manager~

  • Upon Creator’s upload of a new video, Manager will create and schedule posts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Mastodon, Matrix, Discord, and other social media platforms as they are created
  • Create pages on the Topless Topics website linking to new videos or other content, and including links to those pages in the aforementioned Social Media Platform posts
  • Maintain order in the Topless Topics Discord Chatroom and during livestreams
  • Immediately remove any video or other content comments that include private information like addresses and phone numbers (doxxing) and make note of the account that posted it
  • Manager will regularly check inboxes in Email and Social Media Platforms for business inquiries or otherwise important messages, and make sure Creator is aware of them promptly
  • Other minor duties may be asked of the Manager as the need arises

Now I’ve never hired a social media manager (or any staff to help me with content creation) so I don’t know a ton about how it’s done professionally. But I’m willing to research, and consider a fair salary for anyone who seems like they might be a good hire. You would be required to sign a contract (since I’m trusting you with access to all my social media logins!) and there would be a month-long trial period (which you would be paid for, but no guarantee that you would be kept on afterward if I’m dissatisfied with your promptness and reliability).

Also, please only apply if you have experience as a social media manager, and can provide examples of past brand accounts you’ve maintained (could even be your own content creation, if you’ve been running your own like I have been). Again, if you’re interested in helping me out but don’t have the experience to be the head social media manager, then please consider joining the Promo Squad, and if you prove your reliability enough there, I may hire you in the future. 🙂

If all that sounds good to you, then please fill out the form below and I’ll check over it when I can and contact you back if you sound like you might be a good fit!

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Please check each Social Media Manager duty that you are willing to fulfill
How much experience do you have maintaining social media accounts?
Are you willing to sign a contract ensuring that you will not act in bad faith if/when you are granted access to Topless Topics' social media accounts?