How to help Topless Topics by posting your own original links to our content!

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How to See my Videos Uncensored:

As longtime followers know, my fight against censorship and finding a place to host my heinous nonsexual female nipples has been long and nonstop, and it seems as soon as I try a new solution, my “dedicated cabal of haters” still finds a way to bombard the algorithms with false reports to get it shut down immediately, despite NOT actually breaking any rules!

So everything you read here and elsewhere is an ongoing experiment, and unfortunately, this info might already be defunct by the time you read this. If you’re ever unsure if a method is currently viable, please feel free to reach out to me using one of the forms of contact on my Contact Page, and I’ll try to help you out:

To see my uncensored videos, you can either:

If you’d like more guidance on how to watch my uncensored videos, you can contact me using one of the links on my contact page!

If you’d like to help me find a home for my uncensored videos that ISN’T porn site and WON’T ban (like Youtube) or blackmail me for ever increasing amounts of money (like Vimeo) then please consider using one of the forms of donation listed on this page!

Welcome to this handy guide with instructions on how you can download, re-upload, then post your own original (meaning, not just a retweet/repost/sharing of my original post) links to my content, for friends and family and followers to also discover the wonders of topless gender equality and normalizing nudity!

If any part of this is unclear, feel free to send me a message through one of the forms of contact on this page:

Or, better yet, ask in our Discord chat server and a friendly member of the Topless Topics community can help you!

Keep scrolling for more detailed instructions on how to post your own original links~

Why is it important to post my own original link to Topless Topics content? Why can’t I just like/share/retweet etc?

While likes, shares, retweets etc. are extremely appreciated and help generate engagement with a post (which makes it more likely to show up in home page timelines), unfortunately pretty much all my social media platforms are “shadowbanned,” when not banned outright. For more info about shadowbanning, please review this brief video highlight:

Yikes! How do I get around shadowbanning, then?

Unfortunately, the best way you can help me promote Topless Topics content is a little complicated- You’ll have to make your own original posts with links to my content, instead of just sharing posts I’ve made myself on my various social media platforms.

So I’ve put together this guide, which I hope will make it nice and clear how to post original links to my content to your various social media accounts!

Again, if any of this is unclear or you need extra help, you can contact me, or ask for help in our friendly Discord chat room:

  • Ask me directly-
    • You’ll have to be patient, because I get A LOT of emails and DMs already, and there’s only the one of me behind ALL of Topless Topics
    • Contact page:
  • Ask in our Discord chat room:
    • Much preferred method of asking for help!
    • Signing up for Discord is super easy and free, and you can remain totally anonymous if you wish!
    • Follow the link on the chat page to sign up:

Also please note that different social media platforms have their own “community guidelines” for what types of content they allow, and if you post the uncensored thumbnails to my content to your pages, you stand some risk of being temporarily or permanently banned, depending on frequency of infractions!

Basically, each popular social media platform–Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc have their “community guidelines” available (just google the name of the service in question and “rules for posting”)–and then there are the actual rules they abide by, which are often far, far more restrictive than what they claim to allow. (Again, just check out my Banned page for hundreds of screenshots of every time my content has been banned from social media and video hosting websites, often even with insanely high levels of self-censorship ahead of the bans)

There’s absolutely no fairness in who gets what rules applied, and if you are or list yourself as “male,” then you face even less censorship than women do. Unfortunately, the more often you’ve had/will have posts removed, the higher your priority on that platform’s “shit list” becomes, and the more likely they are to automatically detect and ban you for “sensitive/adult/sexual/etc content,” even though it’s absolutely NOT sexual in any way.

Is it any wonder why I have my posts banned to an insane degree, considering how often they’ve banned me already? ?

Thus, you will improve your chances of NOT getting banned if you use the “super-censored” versions of each thumbnail–but again, if you’ve already had other posts removed, whether they were Topless Topics-related or not, you stand a greater chance of having future posts banned.

I do not want any of you to lose access to the social media platforms you cherish!

So please, if you’re not ready to accept this risk, please don’t feel you have to share my content. However, you could always make a new “dummy” account with no real life or professional attachments just for sharing content like mine, especially if you’re worried about friends and family judging you for posting “porn,” as the majority of the United States views mere female nipples and anyone’s genitals, regardless of activity or context ?

Anyway, if you’ve gotten through all those caveats, thank you for your dedication to helping Topless Topics grow and reach new audiences, and here finally are the instructions for how to post original links to Topless Topics videos etc!

How to create your own Original posts linking to Topless Topics content

Step one:

  • visit the site page for the video/post/content you wish to share, and make note of the exact URL for that page–such as selecting the URL in your browser URL window and “copy text” — if you don’t use the correct URL, then your post will not link to my content, and the entire attempt at helping to promote Topless Topics by making your own original post will be for naught!
  • Sorry if that sounds too harsh, but as I said, you need to make sure to have the EXACT URL in your post or the link won’t work, and very few viewers will care enough to try finding the post by searching for the name of it on their own!

Step two:

  • decide on which of the thumbnail versions you want to share with your original post, then use the instructions below to save it to your hard drive to re-upload it with your original post

Thumbnail “Types”

Completely Uncensored

  • bears no censorship at all- female nipples and/or genitals (if normalize nudity-based) are fully visible

Pastie Censored

  • female nipples and/or genitals are hidden behind a Topless Topics digital “pastie”
  • Sometimes social media platforms will still ban this for “implied nudity” ?

Super Censored

  • entire body from the nose or chin-down is hidden behind a large rectangle
  • Incredibly, has still gotten banned occasionally by fucking fascist misogynistic websites

If others start having “super censored” images banned like I have, I can start providing “text only” thumbnails for the truly at-risk (aka previously banned) supporters to use. However text-only graphics are a lot less likely to encourage viewers to click through to the actual content, and besides, I’ve had text-only posts banned as well.

!Make sure you take note of where you’ve saved the image, i.e. to your Desktop, Documents folder, etc!

How to save images from websites:

  • In most browsers for Windows:
    • right-click on the image and select “Save Image As…”
  • On Android and Iphone mobile devices:
    • press and hold on the image, then select “Download Image”
  • On Apple/Macintosh

If none of the above methods work for saving the image, you can ask on my contact page or ask in the chatroom for help!

Step three: create a new post on the social media platform of your choice

  • Hopefully you know how to start making a new post on the social media platforms of your choice–Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • The most important part is making sure you include the exact correct URL so interested viewers know where to go to watch the video/article/etc you’re trying to help promote
  • If adding images to your posts is too complicated or risky for you, text-only posts are appreciated also! Just be sure to delete the auto-generated “thumbnail” that most websites insert if you include a URL but no custom-selected image or video, as Facebook etc will ban you even for auto-generated thumbnails that include heinous female nipples!
  • Please feel free to add some text/custom messaging etc on what the link is, why you’re sharing it, etc! Something like “here’s a video by the #freethenipple and #normalizenudity activist Topless Topics that I think does a great job summarizing the differences between nudity and sex” ! ?
  • I’m just gonna stress this one more timeplease make sure to include the URL to the content you’re promoting, and make sure it’s spelled correctly! Try to be precise as well–if you’re sharing a video thumbnail, it’s more effective if you include the URL to that particular video, not just the Topless Topics website as a whole. Video site pages always follow this naming convention:”name of post”; e.g. “” or “” etc.

Step four aka How To Win Free Stuff For Socially Engaging!:

Other Ways to Help

If you’ve followed the above steps to make an original post sharing a link to my content, then that’s fantastic, thank you so friggin much for helping me!! The more all my dear supporters take on the mantle of sharing my content to new eyeballs (since, as I’ve often lamented, my content is banned from search results when it’s not banned entirely, so the only way anyone new can find my videos is through direct links shared by others on their own timelines), then the more that frees me up to focus on the important stuff–actually making new videos/articles/content!!

Please keep it up! The instructions above are by no means intended to be a one-time thing–please, every time I post something you feel like sharing, or even old posts that you want to tell people about, feel free to follow this guide again and again, for many new posts! (just maybe not a whole bunch of them in one day, so you don’t flag censorship censors and/or annoy your followers…)

If you have done the above and you want to help Topless Topics grow even more, then here are a few other methods by which you can help me!! ☺️

Engage with me!

“Engagement,” in tech/Search Engine Optimization language, is any activity–likes, shares, comments, replies, etc–that a social media post gets. The more “engagement,” the more likely that posting is to be promoted, and the more likely it is to show up in others’ timelines, such as the main “Twitter timeline” that shows posts from everyone you follow, but in random order, and often not displaying most of their posts.

There are a few steps you can take to increase the chance of Topless Topics posts will show in your timeline-

  • on most platforms, especially Twitter, the more often you engage/retweet/comment/etc to a particular someone, the more “importance” that platform will assign to that account, increasing the likeliness that their posts will show up in your general timeline
  • on Facebook, beyond just “liking” someone’s page or group, you can also “follow” that page by clicking the three dots to the right of the Facebook page name and selecting “follow settings” to make sure Facebook shows you EVERY update to that page, not just the posts that already have high engagement– here is a guide for how to set that up
  • similarly, on Youtube, you can increase the chances that new content posts will actually reach your general timeline if you make sure you “enable notifications” for that channel instead of merely subscribing– here is a guide with more information about how this works

Besides increasing engagement for my posts, it’s also just a fun and rewarding experience for me (Cleo) to connect with legitimate supporters ☺️ As you’ll frequently hear me lament if you follow me on social media already (especially Instagram), every simple video or image I post that contains my heinous female nipples in them gets dozens to hundreds of “pornbot” (accounts that brainlessly post tons of actual porn, and throw my harmless nonsexual female nipples among that trash) engagement for every one or two legitimate supporters’ like and/or retweet. That can be super demoralizing, and one of the only ways to help me deal with that strain on my mental health is to reassure me that there are some actual supporters out there who are hearing my message, not just endless sex-obsessed morons.

BTW if you do want to offer words of support for me, please don’t derail your ‘support’ by including unwanted comments about my anatomy, yes, even “compliments.” I don’t want to hear them, and it makes me think you don’t actually support my mission, you’re only watching me because you find me sexually attractive. Here’s a video clip with more detail on why this infuriates me and has the opposite effect from encouraging me to keep making new content:

Right now, the social media platforms I use the most are Twitter (watch out for tons of political retweets and replies–if you’re a Trumper, you are definitely not gonna have a good time) and Instagram (even though they’re a piece of shit fascist website that is always taking my nonsexual already-super-censored posts down…but there are no non-toxic non-censored platforms out there yet that I can find, so we have to play by the enemy’s rules or we will never gather enough support to make it more profitable to change their fascist ways)

However, this changes as new platforms become viable (the search for a platform that doesn’t ban nonsexual nudity without ending up flooded by hardcore porn continues) and/or I get accounts banned, the names for the new accounts change, so the best way you can keep up to date with those changes is to follow every one of my social media accounts, which you can find all the links for here:

Therefore, let’s say you follow me on Instagram and my IG gets banned entirely–if you also follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook or another form of my content that has not yet gotten totally obliterated, I can tell you about the new account I make to replace the banned one!

(One of these days I’m going to resume the “Topless Topics newsletter” I was doing semi-monthly for a little while, until it just got too overwhelming to keep up with it. Feel free to follow my social media so you’ll know if I ever do get it going again!)

Make your own videos, articles, etc and mention Topless Topics within them!

Example of an Instagram Post:

View this post on Instagram

A post shared by Cleo ToplessTopics (@toplesstopics)

See a stellar example of a “reply video” by our own dear NASA below:

Back in the early days of Youtube, one frequent type of video you’d see were “reply videos,” basically where someone would make their own video in “reply” to someone else, often just in a lame attempt at leeching some of their popularity, but sometimes to genuinely add to the conversation (in fact, the Vlog Brothers started out and still continue to produce their massively popular videos as “replies” back and forth to each other)

Nowadays these types of videos don’t seem to be as popular (at least, Youtube has made it a helluva lot harder to find out about reply videos, unless the creator of said reply videos directly contacts you to direct you to their post) but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a great way to communicate with me (Cleo) as well as the rest of the Topless Topics community (and whoever else might stumble into your reply video)!

Say for instance, I create a video based on the topic of “Nudism vs Exhibitionism.” You watch the video, follow the instructions above to share that video to your own followers in an original post ?, then decide that you want to add your own thoughts: so you create a video, post it to your own Youtube channel or Twitter account or whatever, and either include “Topless Topics in the video title or description, or just send me a link to your video using a form of contact so I can make sure to see it. As long as the video isn’t super insulting/perverted, I’ll most likely share it to my own accounts, unless you indicate that you don’t want me to do that :p

Longtime Topless Topics community member Brian has submitted several “reply videos” in the past–they’re a perfect example of what I’m talking about, and make me super happy to receive and share!

Invite me (Cleo) to be a guest-star or interviewee on your own Youtube channel, Podcast, etc!

Of course, if you have your own form of content creation already and you’d find my input useful or amusing, please feel free to contact me so we can work something out!

You can see examples of all sorts of interviews I’ve conducted and/or been a part of here:

Interviews/Cohosted Videos

Alternatively, if you have a cause or mission, craft or profession, or just strong (respectful) opinions about something I’ve covered or that you think relates to topless equality and/or normalizing nudity, then once again, feel free to contact me and perhaps I could set up a video chat interview with you!

My interview with Kenny Riot about “nudism vs just not wearing clothes sometimes” is a great example of a video chat interview:

Finally, if you’ve made it this far, words cannot express how much I appreciate you!

I know this page is pretty damn long, and I don’t expect anyone to read it entirely the way through–I just wanted to make sure to put all the info that I can think of that’s pertinent, so if you have questions, you can hopefully find the answer!

I well understand that very few people are in the privileged position I am–that of being able to post omg!female!nipples on the internet without fear of ostracization by friends and family, and the freedom to just find another graphic design client if any existing client decides they have a problem with me fighting for gender equality regardin censorship.

Many of you have conservative or just nonsexual-nudity-averse people in your life, not to mention possible professional retaliation, and won’t be able to really engage in any of the above methods to help spread the word about Topless Topics.

You can, as I mentioned, make an anonymous account just to promote topless freedom, normalizing nonsexual nudity, and other “controversial” causes without fear of real-life reprisal–but this can be a lot of work, so I get it if you don’t want to.

Just know that whatever capacity you can use to support Topless Topics, even if it’s just watching my videos, not commenting or sharing or making your own reply videos, you’re an integral part of why I keep doing this after ten plus years, no matter the censorship and depersonalization of pornbots <3

And please, feel free to make some friends with other members of the Topless Topics community! You can see them replying to me on social media, or you may want to join our (free and anonymous) chatroom, which is broken up further by topics like nudism and video games:

Either way, thanks for reading, and thanks for being a part of Topless Topics!!