[REPOST] Fed-Up Free the Nipple Feminist Ragequits Social Media! (& commemorates by burning my Youtube/Vidcon Playbook!)

[REPOST] Fed-Up Free the Nipple Feminist Ragequits Social Media! (& commemorates by burning my Youtube/Vidcon Playbook!)

Originally uploaded March 6, 2018

The idea was to encourage others to re-upload this same video to help me protest (and get around the censorship and shadowbanning) of having my content banned/censored/etc yet-a-freaking-gain, but no one actually did that, so.

Did feel good burning that fucking Youtube Creator Playbook, even though it was harder than I expected to get it to set on fire.

Original video description:

Hello, goodbye, this is intended to be my last-ever video (at least for a good long while) so I tried hard to edit it to be a good one!

There’s a whole project intended behind it: visit this Toplesstopics.org post to know more! TL;DR version I want to enable all of you to more easily fight for Topfree Equality by giving you my hopeful endorsement to DOWNLOAD this video and UPLOAD it to your own accounts!

That’s right! I WANT YOU TO STEAL THIS VIDEO!! Now you can take part in the fight for nipple equality without having to attach your own face to the movement! You can use the Vimeo “download” feature to get this video, then upload it to your own Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, etc., and encourage others to do the same!

If you prefer, I will be uploading a censored version to Youtube that I’ll link to here once it’s up. But the whole point is to show the world that there is NOT anything “sexual or profane” about a woman’s nipples–any more than a man’s or anyone else’s–so I hope that you will take the risk of getting your accounts banned to upload this uncensored version, instead! Or, you can make an alternate account to upload from, that works just as well!!

Look for more instructions and updates soon at toplesstopics.org, and please carry on the free the nipple fight while I take myself a much-needed breather!

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