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Published on December 28, 2021

Old q and A I did for the nakedwanderings nudism/naturism blog a couple years ago, now reuploaded here since my Youtube and Vimeo were both banned. I feel like I say this stuff ad nauseum, yet still there are others new to the concept of nudism who don’t get it! IT’S NOT NUDITY FOR THE PURPOSES OF HAVING SEX!

Original Description

Hey y’all, here’s a Q & A with my thoughts on misogyny and sexism, why women judge other women, and what I think needs to be done for topless equality for all!

Here’s the Naked Wanderings blog, and I’ll put a link to the specific post including my submission when it’s up!

And some more links to stuff I mentioned in this video:

Hector Martinez’ Petition to end censorship of nonsexual nudity:

UCSD #Freethenipple protest rally I attended:

Breakdown of where it’s legal for women to go topless state-by-state:

My interview with Adam the founder of the Just Naked podcast and NYC-based nudist events:

My new “Day in the Life of a Topfree Activist” webcomic:

The livestream page of my website, where I livestream every Friday and Saturday 1-4pm PST and sometimes unplanned during the week (follow my social media links below for notifications when I start those unplanned livestreams!):

A bunch of screenshots of every time I’ve been banned on every social media platform and video hosting site:

Also! If you like using Animated GIFs to give your social media posts some pizzaz, I made several out of this video, which you can find here:

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