It seems from some of the DMs I’m getting on Patreon and on social media that I must once again clarify:

  • none of my old uncensored video links will work
  • this is because haters got all my old accounts BANNED using false flagging, bandwidth abuse, and other such tactics
  • only future re-uploads of old videos will make them available again, a process which is slow and risky because
  • patreon and vimeo are fraught with coding errors, and
  • there are still methods that haters can once again exploit my links and get my accounts banned

I’m sorry if you thought when you signed up as a patreon that you would instantly have access to my hundreds of old uncensored videos–I would LOVE for that to be true, I would! Unfortunately, every single effort I have made to make my videos available for public viewing without some sort of gatekeeping (either thru a monetary subscription or thru proving someone is a legitimate supporter and not a troll by taking part in my Promo Squad sharing initiative) has resulted in trolls exploiting false flagging etc to get that account banned.

As always, hundreds of screenshots of proof available at: 

Trust me, whatever frustration this news has caused you, I feel it 3000% more than you do! I can only point to the literally thousands of times I’ve had my content banned, always and only for the heinous unforgivable sin of (usually already-pre-censored) nonsexual female nipples, as proof of my relentless activism against our culture’s insane, unquestioned misogyny and transphobia when it comes to censorship of “female-looking” nipples only.

If you feel that my old videos being unavailable (through no fault of my own) is a result of false advertising before you signed up as a patreon, and you are not content to wait as I slowly (because of upload size limits and site errors) re-upload my old videos to my new secret Vimeo account (at least until trolls find that one and once again get it banned) then I understand, I’ll do what I can to cancel your account, which means you will have NO access to any of my videos, old or new (unless, again, you take part in the Promo Squad sharing initiative! 

But I hope, instead, that you’ll share in my seething rage and frustration at how many insane hoops I must constantly jump through just to find a home for my heinous nonsexual female nipples, and stick around while I reupload old videos, and maybe someday, we’ll get a millionaire nudist or two to put up capital to at last create a platform that understands the difference between nonsexual nudity and hardcore porn, and allows one but not the other! All we can do is dream, and verbally advocate for that idyllic pie in the sky!

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