Banned for Antivax – Except it wasn’t… (Topless Topics Red State Skeptic Response)

Another old-ish video (mid 2021) re-upload which was a response to a response to Youtube erroneously taking down a video I did as “medical disinformation”–except it wasn’t, but massive false flagging by my Dedicated Cabal of Haters(tm) always wins. The banned video, in fact, is pro-vaccine, and cross-referenced be reputable sources like straight from the CDC–but thanks to how easily exploited popular platforms’ algorithm-based moderation is, all it took was enough false reporting by bad faith actors to get it taken down.

A follower of mine RedStateSkeptic reacted to this nonsensical ban of my content, and this is my response to his response. You can watch his video here:

(when I first made this video, I hadn’t yet discovered TROM, so the only place I knew of to upload my heinous nonsexual female nipples was on Twitter, which only allows uploads up to 2:22 long)

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