Interview with Disabled Sex Worker and Homeless Rights Activist Strmclwd/Stormy!

Huge thank you to Stormy for letting me interview them! This was an incredibly interesting interview, and we got to talk about different things than just the topless equality/nonsexual nudity acceptance that is the bulk of most of my other interviews ^-^;;

There was lots more we didn’t even get into, so I hope they’ll be interested in filming a future interview so we can explore more topics. If you have any questions or issues you’d like to bring up at that time, let me know!

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Timecodes Per Subject

1:30 – Strmclwd intro- who they are, what they care about

2:39 – How feminism and censorship of female-only nipples intersect

4:30 – strmclwd’s involvement in homeless activism, including their own experiences with being homeless
8:10 – the value of online activism, exposing the injustices marginalized people face with open discourse and recorded video
10:50 – discussing policies to help homelessness that actually work, endorsed by an actual previously homeless person
11:55 – dealing with drugs/alcohol abuse and lack of mental health assistance while homeless
15:05 – types of housing assistance–halfway houses, community shelters, rental assistance, Section 8, etc
18:00 – the necessity of smart phone devices and other so-called “luxury expenses” for people experiencing homelessness

[Decriminalizing Sex Work]
24:45 – what defines “sex work” (camming, stripping, adult video/pornography, sugar baby/parent, street-walking, ‘prostitution,’ etc)
25:30 – the difference between “legalizing” sex work and “decriminalizing” sex work
28:00 – using legalization methods to enforce continued oppression of sex workers, similar to using the excuse of “voter fraud” to disenfranchise working class people of color
31:25 – strmclwd’s personal experiences with performing sex work, including challenges as a disabled person
33:50 – the lack of options for recovery when a sex worker experiences violence and coercion
35:00 – what is a “sugar baby”? (sexually-charged reciprocal relationship between a usually young and attractive “baby” and a more financially solvent “parent”)
36:10 – the hypcrisy of labeling those who exchange attraction for sex as “gold-diggers”
37:28 – having to move on from being a “sugar baby” as increasing physical disability and/or age no longer makes it viable (loss of culturally-perceived “attractiveness”)
38:25 – the opportunity and partial safety of separating disability from sex work when “camming” (performing online in front of a web cam, often 1v1)
41:50 – why strmclwd has been separating their disability from their sex work (safety concerns, nonconsentual fetishization of disabled people aka “devoteeism”)
46:15 – personal and published stories of specific cases of violence perpetrated against sex workers
50:00 – sex worker discrimination and racial bias in how murders of marginalized people are publicized vs the “innocent white woman”
52:15 – strmclwd’s final PSA- THE COVE* IS NOT OVER, please take proper precautions because it’s only getting worse, and disabled and immunocompromised people are at special risk of hospitalization and death! (*coding used to avoid algorythmic discrimination)
57:47 – strmclwd’s take on exposed female toplessness vs explicit sexual activity

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