Presenting My New Gaming-Focused Channel: The Feminist Gamer!


Please subscribe to my new Youtube channel “The Feminist Gamer,” which will feature all my gaming-centric videos, thoroughly sanitized of any offending nipples so that hopefully viewers who are interested in gaming can find said videos, unlike all my Topless Topics videos which automatically get banned and/or censored and/or hidden from search results!

I’ll still be uploading and livestreaming my gaming videos to my Topless topics channel as well, since gaming is a major part of my life, even though most TT followers don’t care about gaming. You’re welcome to skip the videos that don’t interest you, though I’m always appreciative of any likes, shares, etc. 🙂

My humor and progressive interests are still definitely going to carry over, so I decided to make it clear what I’m about by titling this channel appropriately. I’m aware putting “feminist” and “gamer” in the same sentence is going to get me a LOT of haters straight out the gate, and these videos will no doubt be bombarded with dislikes and insulting comments from Gamergate-type individuals who can’t conceive of “legitimate” gamers who aren’t straight white males like them. But if you’re one of the unicorn crowd who actually does support feminism yet also enjoy playing games, welcome!

I’m unlikely to check the comments on these videos very often (see above paragraph), but I want to allow open discourse, even if it means dealing with 99% hate, so I’m trepidatiously leaving the comments open for now. If you do actually want to get hold of me, using my existing social media connections is the best way to do it:

Anyway, we’ll see if this account manages to survive without getting banned immediately as the hate brigades no doubt descend. I’ll have a more official intro video put together someday soon, I hope.

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