Topless Topics Future Goals

This is a place for me (Cleo) to start listing some of the projects and improvements I want to make in the future, either to Topless Topics videos or to the website itself. If you want to suggest topics, people to interview, etc., please do so as a reply on this forum post: Or if you don’t want to sign up for the forums (why not? ;_;) you can email your idea to and I’ll consider it! Thanks!

Okay, so expect this page to keep growing as more ideas are submitted/come up with:


Video Topic Ideas

  • raising a nudist child
  • sleep paralysis/lucid dreaming/nightmares

People I Want to Interview

In/Near Portland

  • Elle Stanger – SlutwalkPortland co-organizer, sex worker and podcast host of UnzippedPDX
  • Kat Salas –  Yaqui/ Chicanx sex worker living, fighting, and being a queer slut in the city of Portland Oregon
  • Chris Ettrick – pole dance teacher and queer comedian


Reach for the Moon

  • Hilary Clinton (why not? XD)

Features to Add to Website

  • Chatroom (once enough people are interested)
  • “Supporter of the Week” highlight of supporters who go above and beyond to show their passions for Topless Topics/Nipple Equality
  • “Community Projects” – ask the community to respond to a question or prompt, either by submitting their own video or a written statement for me to read aloud, then compile it together into a single video
  • “Guide to Making Your Own Free the Nipple Vlogs” – thorough guide with visuals on how to prepare, film, edit and upload your own FTN submissions!